Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yunkers Farm

On Tuesday Mommy and I met up with her friend Ashley and Ashley's kids, Logan (5) and Grace (1.5). We went to Fargo together and went to Yunkers Farm! We had a great time - we played together so nicely! Here are some pictures from the museum!

A picture of me after haircut #3.

Sleeping on the way home from Yunkers...I think Logan is pretending to be asleep here!

Riding the train!

Grace and I LOVED to play in the playhouse!

Logan, Grace and I are on TV!

Playing in the toddler room with Grace


I love this cart...but where does the baby sit?

Look at all my vegetables!

posing for the camera!

Playing bbal with Daddy!

More basketball...I love to practice my shot!

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