Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This is a very long post because we had a busy father's day weekend! I hung out with Mom and Dad all weekend - it was soo fun! We went to Great-Grandma Violet's house in Hatton for the night too - Grandpa Dave, Uncle Matt, Ethan and Colston where there too! On Sunday we came back...and GRANDMA KATHY WENT SKYDIVING...and then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Mauch's for a Father's Day celebration! OH...and more big news...Grandma and Grandpa Mauch got their lake cabin! I can't wait to spend next summer out there almost every day! :) We are so lucky!

Showing Mom that Go-Gurt belongs on my face, not in my belly.

Lookin' fly in Mommy's sweet sunglasses. Everyone makes fun of her...but she loves them!

Mom was making lunch one day and she came into the living room to check on me and I was fast asleep!

To Great-Grandmother's House We Go...I'm praying that all goes well!

Playin' with Ethan and Colston while Mom, Dad and Uncle Matt WORK!

With Great-Grandma Violet

We love her so much!

Giving Daddy his 1st Father's day gift!

Daddy reading his card that contained his BIG present...

I'm telling him where he is going to sit at the BIG GAME...
Kluge, Heather, Gabe, Betsy,
Adam and Lani are joining us too!

Family pic on father's day!

I love taking pictures with mommy's camera these days...I am quite the photographer!

Sun bathing with Daddy !

Lovin' my Giraffe pool from auntie rachel


Daddy and I on Father's Day!

A picture of Grandma Kathy skydiving...she has a whole video too! We love how she lives life to the absolute fullest!

Brody and I - we are BFF's

Is that a baby burrito on Lakin's lap? No, it's Mason!

All 11 grandkids with Gma and Gpa Mauch!

Mauch Grandkids in order from Oldest to youngest!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colston's 3rd Birthday!

This weekend Mom and Dad went to a wedding and I got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Mauch! On Sunday we went to see Grandma and Grandpa's new lake cabin (hopefully! - yay!!!) and also got to go to Colston's 3rd birthday party. It was BUSY BUSY weekend!

Colston and I playing with his new "cars carwash"!!
I loved it - so fun outside!

Mommy, Daddy and I taken a nap...well, Mom and Dad are anyway!

Some of the Brekken cousins - Kendall, Colston, Me, Sydney and Ethan!

Ethan and I playing on Daddy while he's trying to rest...maybe he shouldn't have stayed up to late the night before?!?

Uncle Matt and I - I listen to him BEST

Grandpa singing happy birthday to Colston - I love his "tar" (guitar)!!

Getting ready to eat CAKE! yum!

Mommy and her friends from high school - Kari, Nicole and Steph

Mommy and Daddy at the wedding.

At the Groom's supper...Daddy was so excited that a Hillsboro bar had the Dolphin's football stadium sign! He sure loves those Miami Dolphins!

Hanging out with Steph at the Groom's supper

I'm ready to EAT! Soon after this, I was really naughty so Dad brought me over to Sydney and Kendall's house to play! God Bless you, Alana.

Our family at the Rehearsal
Congrats Kari & Mike!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Grandma Day" and Potty time!

We had our first 'Grandma Day' last week - so fun! We painted rocks, colored pots and planted beans and flowers! We also made 'dirt pie'...with worms, rocks, and everything...it was so tasty! But we have some big news to report...I went pee-pee in the potty this morning! I had gone about two weeks ago, but instead of going in the toilet I peed on the opposite wall. But this morning, Mommy was changing my diaper and I wanted to go potty, so she sat me down and I WENT! It was great. Mommy gave me a "cars" puzzle to congratulate me...it was awesome! Hopefully we can keep this up! Mom didn't want to push me into it because she heard that boys are so hard to train...but hopefully I will prove her wrong!

I love hiding in Mommy's clothes in her closet! It's my new fav. thing!

Grandma day #1 - painting rocks!

Can I paint my shirt, Mommy?

Playing with the Brodster in the sand pool...haha

Brod and I are like two peas in a pod...sitting in the sink, chillin, no big deal.

Lovin up Cody...I was all about him on Grandma Day...I didn't want to leave his side!

Grandma with half of the grandkids with our "dirt salad" and worms in mouth! yum!

Braya, Cody, Brooklyn, myself and Lakin with our planters!

Us again with our painted rocks!

Mom and Grandma Jan took me to the dairy queen in Breck one day to get ice cream...boy do I love eating my own cones! I get it everywhere!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lake Boy

Last weekend we went to Lake Clitheral - we had a great time! Mom thought it was too cold to go into the water, but little does she know that I have NO FEAR. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Mom and Pop let me have my very own cone...what a mess! They are so awesome!

Riding the "cho-cho train" at Zorbaz...best part of the day!

Mom thinks I'll be an attorney, Dad thinks I'll farm...I think I'll be a conductor!


Especially when we take a drink of Dad's Dr. Pepper-haha!

Napping at the lake after a long day outside...and yes, I was sleeping with my arm in the air!

Hot tubbin at the lake!

Dad and I getting ready to jump in!


The Conductor