Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve in Hatton with Grandma Violet (Walsvik). Sadly, it was our last Christmas at the farm because Grandma is moving to Fargo next fall! We are excited to have her so much closer, but so sad that we will not be able to have any more Christmas Eve celebrations at the farm. It was a great day!!

Uncle Matt is telling the photographer something inappropriate!!

Even with all our new toys, a matress on the basement floor is still THE MOST FUN!

Mommy & Daddy taking a picture with a lovely background.

quiet time for the kiddos!
Ethan, Mason, Colston, Jessica and Jotham

Sargent Command Major Joel Walsvik giving me a ride on the snow-mobile! I had so much fun with him!!

Mommy, Colston and I getting ready for Santa to come!

Mommy and my aunt and uncle used to have to sing for Santa to come; now the traidition continued! Everyone made us sing "jingle bells" in front of the Christmas Tree!

Santa is here!

Chillin' with cousin Jessica

Mommy, Daddy, myself and baby!!!
Mommy is 21 weeks pregnant in this picture!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas, Part I

Last weekend, we had our BMWWW Christmas! BMWWW = Brekken, Mauch, Walsvik, Wiltse, & Wahlund - my whole (mom's side) of the family! We had such a great time...even Santa came!! I wasn't scared of him like I was last year...I kept giving him hugs and kisses! I LOVE SANTA!

Some of the presents underneath my Christmas tree!

Ethan and I having a little snack before dinner...Gma's lefse is the BEST!

Waiting patiently to open gifts!

Starting to get a little silly...

We are all pondering why it is taking so long for everyone to settle down and open

Tickle Fight! Uncle Matt is winning!


You wouldn't happen to have a present for me, would you Santa?

THANK YOU SANTA! You gave me a gift! We love Santa!

The Grandkids with Santa...I wanted to make sure that all of us had presents!

Hotwheels - awesome!

Dad! Look what Santa gave me!

Dad, are you sure that present is for you?

OH MY GOSH! Look at everyone go! hahahhahaha

What did I get! What did I get!?

Playing scrabble with Gma and the big kids

Let's make the word SANTA

Playing with my new BF Garett in my tractor tent! I love this thing!

Loving every minute!

Mommy & Daddy (& my brother or sister)...
They have SO MUCH to be thankful for this Christmas

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree, playing outside and cookie baking!

We have had a very busy winter so far....lots of baking, playing outside and decorating for christmas!

Mommy showed me how to make snow is my favorite!

Sittin', Chillin', no big deal.

Mom and Dad are real slave drivers...they made me shovel!

Daddy and I built a snowman! It was so fun!

It was my first snowman...Daddy was teaching me so much!

We had to put snow everywhere!

Daddy and I getting ready to go outside again! I LOVE the snow!

Helping Mommy decorate the tree...I wanted to do it by myself!

I liked to throw the "balls" at the tree...Mommy even found a big cluster of decor balls inside of the tree! so funny!

Posing by the finished we just need to get lots of presents!

Cookie baking at Gma Kathy's house!

All the cookie bakers with Great Gma Dorris - notice how I am playing with tractors instead of posing so nicely with my female cousins?

We love Great-Grandma Do-Do!

Friday, December 3, 2010


We went to Minneapolis for the big Mauch Thanksgiving - we had such a great time! We ate, swam, shopped, swam, and ate. It was a great weekend!

Daddy and I were so tired from swimming so much together!

Loving the hot tub

Pounds with Daddy and the Brodster


Swimming with Daddy

Having so much fun!

Daddy and Uncle Ben wrestling in the pool - they are so funny!