Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer days

We have been super busy lately...babysitting cousin Brody, going to the zoo, going to parks, and going to grandma Jan's house so mom and dad can attend all their weddings!! I am talking so much more these days, I am learning a new word every day! My favorite word today is "fork." I have been walking around all day saying, "Fork. Fork. Fork." It's pretty funny!

Brody was able to come over and play one day last week - it was so much fun! Mom couldn't believe how easy it was - we played so well together!

Giving Brody kisses!

Mom caught Brody and I shootin' some hoops in the play room!

Getting all wrapped up in Daddy's shirt!

Mom and Dad think it is pretty funny the positions they catch me when before they go to bed...

I'm such a little angel (when I'm sleeping!) :)

I thought it was a great idea to ride my big train on the train table...

Mommy, Daddy and I before they left for the Kyser's wedding!

Grandma Jan and I reading stories at her house!

Matt and his boys!

Playin with my buds Ethan and Colston - we went outside to play before everyone else (other than mommy) was awake!

Faster Ethan, faster!

We thought it was pretty fun to jump all over Uncle Matt one morning! haha!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Random pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Mommy and myself the day after Mother's Day...we forgot to take one on the big day!

I helped Mommy make apple crisp...yum! Our family favorite!

See! I like to stir the apples and sugar together!

I had to get a hair cut the other day...I was not happy about it, not one bit!

My new favorite activity to do inside...I spin around in the chair really fast and then I try to walk a little fun! We did this for about 30 minutes straight one day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Been Farmin' Long?

Happy Summer (almost)! We have had such nice weather lately and have been outside 24/7. Mommy is pretty much done working for the summer - She only has to work one day a week! I'm such a lucky guy! We have all this time to go to the zoo, the park, visit family and friends...everything! I love it!
Mommy, Daddy and I took a stroll around NDSU

I loved campus...hopefully I will be a Bison one day!:)

At Tory's graduation with Colston and Ethan

AUNTIE TORY! We are going to miss her so much!

Loving cousin Nick...he is my favorite!

Watering the sidewalk at Gma's house

and jumping in the puddles!


I love this!

Grandpa Randy was in the same field as Daddy was...I was so excited to see him!

3 generations!
Daddy, myself and Grandpa Randy!

Playing with my "tractor"...We have to take this thing everywhere we
go because I love it so so much!

Mommy and I try to go on a walk everyday with Emily and her baby, Luke. He is going to be my best bud! We are the coolest kids in Mooreton! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Gabe, one of Daddy's best friends was married over the weekend! Mom and Dad were able to bring me to the groom's supper and rehearsal dinner...I had a great time...maybe even made a new girlfriend! :) I got to go to Grandma Jan's during the wedding and reception...I had a great time with "papa" Rod!

Dancing in the back room at the rehearsal dinner

Piper's Mommy caught me and Piper kissing...LOOK OUT! Don't let Piper's Daddy find out!

Mommy with Piper and myself!

We had so much fun running and screaming in the halls! I think I taught Piper how to be loud and a little annoying :)

Sitting with my new favorite person - Twan! I just walked around all day Sunday asking about Twan! :)

Making many friends at the groom's supper!

Getting ready for the big day with Adam and Daddy!
Mommy and Daddy right after the wedding
The Newlyweds!

Gabe and Daddy
Kluge and Daddy having waaayyy too much fun at the dance!

Mommy and Daddy again right after the dance!
Congrats Gabe and Betsy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 years ago today...

...My Mommy finally agreed to start "seeing" my Daddy. Good thing he was so only took two years for her to say yes! :)
Pictures from their "courtship"

Halloween 2004

New Years Eve 2004

Bison Football 2005

Halloween 2005

"Glory Days" party 2005

Mom & Dad's wedding 1.6.2007

Honeymoon at Whitehouse, Jamaica - 2007

Our Little Family - We are blessed!