Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adlee - 5 months!

Adlee turned 5 months old yesterday...She is getting to be such a fun little girl and it has been the BEST 5 months ever!  Daddy, Mommy and Mason are all so in love with her!
We gave her rice cereal for the first time on 9.26.11 - just one day shy of 5 months.  She did GREAT!  Couldn't get enough!

 First scoop

 What is this stuff!?!

 yum yum!

 What are you giving me, Mommy?

 Dad's turn to feed me!

 Loving up her Daddy.

 Big smiles for RICE!

Crazy Kiddo's!

Life has been busy lately!  Lots of house projects and visitors for us these is so much fun.  We even saw a MOOSE right by our yard the other day! 

 Ethan and Colston came to play last weekend so they could help put the new flooring in the office! :)
What a big help they were - keeping Mason out of the way!

 Mason loves to steal Mommy's camera...he always hides and takes pictures of himself!

 Mason teaching Adlee how to play Angry Birds on Mommy's phone.

 Mason and Mommy

Our smiley little girl!

 Smiles all the time!

 Photography by Mason

 Daddy, Mason and Adlee doing bookwork.

 Another smile!

 Mommy and Adlee

 Mason is his sweet buzz lightyear face mask!

Miss Adlee sitting in her high chair for the first time - she loved it!

I swear the Moose was much closer...he walked right in front of our car then ran away into the other corn field!  Coolest thing ever.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farm Life

Ethan and Cole came to visit a couple weekends ago...the boys had SO MUCH FUN ripping up the basement and catching 100 frogs!  They thought it was so fun to make a "habitat" in the back of the gator!

Miss Adlee looking so big in the bumbo!

Mommy's first day of work; Adlee's first day at Annie's Daycare!

So proud of Miss A on her first day :)  So proud that Mommy only shed a couple of tears!

Mommy and Mason went to a birthday party in Fargo a couple weekends ago...Mason and birthday boy Kaisen had so much fun together!  They are "best friends".

Posing for pics

All the birthday party kids!  What a fun day!

Adlee snoozing on the couch after PT one day...Mommy slept for 1 hour and Adlee slept for 2.5!

Working hard outside...Mason actually helped out A LOT!  He loves helping out on the farm!

Shoveling all the dirt into the loader!

He wouldn't even use "his" (kid) shovel...he had to use the "big shovel!"