Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Video suprise!

This is a video of me opening up my "big" Christmas present...a cho-cho train table! I love it and play with it all the time! Mom and Dad are the best!

Christmas Day

We have a ton of pictures from Christmas Day with the Mauchs!!

Playing on Grandma's bed with "Car-er" (Carter!) He's my favorite!

I think I'm too big for this thing....

How many Mauch's can you fit in a box?

Ben & Beth gave me my very own vacuum! Now I can vacuum with Mommy every-other day!

Picture with Mommy

Cool! Santa gave me my very own tools!

Thank you for my tools Santa *kiss*

Woops - scared of Santa again!

Praying with Santa...Mom loves this picture!

During the nativity play...trying to get the audience to laugh.

ha ha, I'm so funny.

I'm kinda having role issues...I was supposed to be a cow, but I didn't want to wear my then I wanted to be baby jesus, but Brody was baby jesus this year, so I just ran around, doing whatever I wanted to do.

The manger is open - now's my chance to be Baby Jesus!

Yes! Score! I'm baby Jesus! I didn't know baby Jesus wore a RUN DMC shirt!

Eating Grandma Kathy's lovely yummy! I'm glad it wasn't the 'green surprise' like it was before! :)

the beautiful christmas table...all 21 of us fit!

Christmas morning...I loved Mom's new bench!

Mommy showing off her new shirt while wearing her new coat...silly mommy.

Opening up my stocking...Santa knew exactly what I wanted!!

More presents!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We were supposed to go to my Great-Grandma Violet's house near Hatton for Christmas Eve, but we had to stay in Mooreton because of the stormy weather! Lucky for us the big Mauch family was getting together - so we attended those festivities! Here are some pictures from our lovely Christmas Eve!

The night before Christmas Eve, Mom, Dad and I had family movie night and watched "home alone" I was doing the "home alone move" all night long! I just loved it! Mom and Dad thought I was so funny!
Finally at the big Mauch Christmas...playing with my 2nd cousin Rowan who lives in Clovis, New Mexico!

pretty skiddish around Santa...maybe I'll warm up to him! I've only seen him about 3 times so far this year!

Warming up a little...2nd cousin Lily sure does have "a gift!!" :)

Opening presents from Santa!

Chillin' with Grandma Dorris!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Part I

Last Saturday we went to Casselton for the Brekken/Mauch/Walsvik/Wiltse/Wahlund (BMW3) Christmas Celebration! I had a great time...after I took a nap, ate, cooled down and warmed up to everyone! I got some awesome gifts; including a new semi, a new loader, a puzzle with my name on it, a tractor with a pig on it & some clothes! Mom said I scored big time!

Mom wanted to take a picture of all our presents by our tree...I think we need a bigger tree soon! Notice that only 1/2 of the tree is decorated - that is because I think every ornament is a ball!

On our way to Casselton - Dad is showing some awesome Christmas Spirit! He's the BEST.

I was starving when we got there and couldn't wait for Christmas I had a BBQ :)

Santa came to visit a little early!!! Here he is posing with Gma Jan, Ethan & Colston! Too bad I'm really really scared of Santa!!

This is me crying and not wanting Santa to look at me!

Kendall & Sydney posing with Santa!

Mom's beautiful sweater on christmas...she's posing with 2 of her 3 favorite sisters!

Daddy, Mommy and Uncle Garett posing in their amazing sweaters! My daddy remembers giving the sweater he is wearing to his mom way back in the day! funny!

Mom and Dad lookin' so good...I think Dad's sweater is a little tight! I bet they will win the contest at the Christmas Party tonight in Fargo!

Getting excited for gift opening!!

Showing Colston how to drive my new loader...I always pretend that Uncle Joe is driving so I say "voom voom..oh no, Joe!"

Cousin Lane, this is how the semi works.

Opening more gifts...I got pretty warm at grandma's so daddy took off my shirt for a bit.

Once again...very scared of Santa!

All the presents in front of Grandma's tree!

Mom's favorite picture...I'm so excited to get a semi & loader!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's Village

Last week we went to Santa's Village in Fargo and I made cookies with mommy!

I loved eating the dough...Mom thought it was so gross how much I wanted to eat!

At Santa's Village...I LOVED the "cho-cho"...Maybe Santa will bring me a cho-cho for Christmas!

Walking to see the reindeer!

This was Blitzen...yes, I was scared of him!

Family pic at Santa's Village!

Santa! It took some coaxing with a sucker...but I finally sat on Santa's lap! Daddy had to sit there with me though...:)

Decorating a cookie with Mrs. Claus...I loved this part! I almost shoved the whole
cookie in my mouth!

Taking a picture in the sleigh with Mommy

We had to stop back at the train table once more before we had to go home! I love trains!