Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wyoming Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year we were able to go to Laramie, Wyoming to see the Berube Family! It was about a 13 hour first big trip! I was able to see parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado & Wyoming! We even got to see a little bit of the Rocky Mountains! I was such a good boy in the car...I watched tv for about 10 hours straight! :)

Packing up Grandma Kathy's van and getting ready to go!
I think I'll start out driving!

Having fun with Nick and Tory - they are the best!

Family picture on the way to Wyoming!
This was my 45 minute would give me energy to stay awake for 12 hours straight!

On Thanksgiving I had a great time playing with everyone, especially Grandpa Rod!

The water bottles were also a big hit with me!

Mommy and Daddy on Thanksgiving!

Mom & Dad at the Berube's new house - they are moving in next week!
Do you see the beginning of the Rockies in the background?

Having some alone time & watching Elmo.

Uncle Matt, Beau Marley and I being silly.

Mom and Dad took me to the Laramie Children's!

Who's that Mauch in the Tee-pee?
It's Me! It's Me!

Swinging the horse round and round!

Auntie Tory gave me Bathtime Elmo - I love love love it! She's such a good "auntie"!!

Playing with ice at the resturant...I was such a naughty boy after this picture was taken! Mom and Dad don't like taking me to resturants one bit...I never sit still!

Some of the gang!

While running around at the resturant, I met a nice lady who gave me a balloon! I sat and flirted with her for about 40 minutes!

Mommy, Uncle Matt & Great Aunt Sheri

The girls on thanksgiving weekend!

Mommy, Daddy and I with Sheri & Bill. We love them so so much!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy turned 26 on Nov. 18th...he was pretty busy at work but when he came home we had a party for him! Here are some of the pictures! Happy Birthday Daddy, you are the best Daddy ever!!

Grandpa Randy holding me and Brody...It looks like we don't really like eachother in this picture but Brody is my best friend!

Having fun with Jazz, Cody and Kya!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Let me read your card for you!

What's in there? I wrapped it myself!

a drill? wow, what an exciting birthday present!

Mommy and I almost ready for bed...we were so tired after celebrating with Daddy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Professional Family Pics!

In early October Mom, Dad and I went to Fargo to get our pictures taken at Lindenwood Park! It was a fun day...although I wanted to run and play instead of taking pictures! Mom and Dad loved how they turned out!

Action shot!

Getting a close up of my jersey

lookin' so cute!

Daddy throwing me way up high!

This would've been such a cute picture if Mom would have been looking at the camera...instead she was so excited that I caught the football!

Mommy's favorite!

Trying to get away!

Big smiles!

so cute!

Weeeeeee! This one is Daddy's favorite.


The Mauch's 2009

Mom says that my face in this picture is priceless!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Go Pirates!

On Friday afternoon we went to watch the Hankinson Pirates play in the state football championship...I think my dad was in his "Glory Days"!! The pirates won the game and are now the 9-man state champs! We had a fun day!
Mom, Dad and I before the game in our Pirate "gear"!

For the 2nd half of the game I got to sit with Grandpa and Grandma Mauch...I did such a better job sitting with them!!

Dad and his friends Wayne and Gabe. Yes, Gabe and Daddy are wearing their high school football jerseys.



Sorry for not posting any pictures lately...we have been super busy! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!
Daddy and I hooking up the computer under the new desk...Daddy thought I was very helpful!

Snuggling with Daddy!

Mom and dad took this of me while I was sleeping!

Daddy and I swimming at my cousin Jaxon's birthday party!

When Mom and Dad came to get me one morning, they found me with no shirt on! I have learned how to undress myself!

When Mommy is baking...this is how I roll!

This is really good puppy chow for the shop, Mommy!

For about a week I had a really hard time going to sleep by myself, so Daddy would lay with me in my room. After about an hour Mom came in to check on us, and both Daddy and I were fast asleep right next to eachother!
Brushing my teeth! I am Mr. Independant when it comes to things like this!

Here is a video of Mommy and Daddy helping me brush my teeth!