Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing with Braya & Brody

Mommy and I got to babysit my cousins Braya and Brody last week...Mom didn't think it would be hard at all...until both Brody and I were crying, hungry, and tired all at the same time! I also got to take my Great Grandma Dorris out for supper for her birthday...we had a great time!

Chugging water from the big boy cup!

Sharing my food with Great Gma Dorris...I think food tastes the best when it comes out of my mouth and put into someone else's!

I LOVE playing with Grandpa Randy the he is letting me play with the ice cubes in his water!

When Braya and Brody came to play all day, mom got out my exersaucer for Brody. I was very jealous of him...I wanted to play in it!

...So when Brody was napping...I jumped right in...

...and got stuck! I couldn't get out!

Brody and I chillin' like villian's.

Braya taught me how to run up onto the windowsill, run across the end table and jump onto the couch! We did this for about 35 minutes...Mom was pretty nervous that we were going to get hurt, but we were having a great time!

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