Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go Bison!!!

What a week! Mommy and I have been going to lots of Mooreton, in Wahpeton and in Fargo!!! Island Park in Downtown Fargo was my favorite - squirells would come up to me and mommy and try to get food from us! It was so cool! I've also been spending a lot of time with Daddy before Harvest starts...we've had so much fun together!

Daddy and I watching football....or of them!

Daddy brought the tractor home was day to do some much needed yard work....and I had a lot of fun riding with him!

I'm working hard just like my Daddy!

Mommy and Daddy on their "date night"...I got to stay home with "Auntie" Tory! She's my favorite!

Sitting at Island Park...I love it here!

Riding down the slide with Tory!

Look at that squirrel, Mom!

My friend I made at the park...everytime he'd stop turning his wheel I would say "no no" and say "more" in sign language!

Tory and I looking at the squirrel

Trying to eat Tory's gum! I loved this game!

In our Bison gear...I didn't get to go to the game with Mom and Dad...but they said they had so much fun!

Playing bball at Grandma Jan's while Mom and Dad are at the Bison football game!

YAY FOR ME! I just made a slam dunk! WOOHOO!

The 1st video is of me playing basketball...everyone was cheering so loud! the 2nd video is grandpa Rod making me laugh so hard!

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