Thursday, September 27, 2012

Renovations, corn & more!

Mason watching all the demo outside!!

The crew was working so hard...they did such a great job.


pretending the mow the lawn on both the mowers...
the kids watching the concrete being poured...

YAY!  Ethan and Colston always have so much fun with Mason when they visit!

putting the boys to WORK!


Adlee loves to eat corn right out of the was her favorite thing to do this fall!

Grandpa and the boys came in to have a snack one day...mason just loved it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First day of school!

Sorry for the delay...we have had such a busy fall!
Mason started preschool and both kids started at a new daycare.  Mommy started back at work and is also teaching a class at the college this semester!  Daddy is SO BUSY with harvest this year...we miss him so much and cannot wait for November!
Here are some pics of Mason's first day of school:

mommy and her "little big boy!"

We tried to get a picture of mason and Adlee together, but she is all over the place these days!

Daddy and the Kids

Mommy and the kids!!!!
 Mason's locker at school
Our Big 4 year old boy AT SCHOOL!  We are so proud of him!