Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The world has lost an amazing man...

...But heaven has gained a REMARKABLE angel.

On Friday, March 26, my mom's Uncle Bill joined God in heaven. He was an amazing dad to his four daughters, an incredible husband to his wife, a terrific role model for my mom and all her cousins, and a great friend to everyone. He was a professor at the University of Wyoming (Go Cowboys!), a HUGE baseball fan, and touched the lives of everyone who was lucky enough to know him. Although we are so sad during this difficult time, Bill is no longer in any pain. He is most likely playing baseball as we speak! :)

Uncle Bill was a reader at my Mom and Dad's wedding in 2007. What an amazing guy!
Sheri & Bill drove all the way to our house last summer (2009) to see us - we had a great time!
It was the first chance I was able to meet them! :)

Iloved Bill from the first time I met him - we had a great time playin' ball together!

Mom, Dad and myself with Sheri & Bill - Thanksgiving 2009.
We love you Big Bad Bill - we will never forget you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muddy days

Yay for Spring! We have been spending a lot more time outside...in the "swamp" we have for a front/backyard! I love love love the mud...it is so great!
Last weekend we spent the whole weekend at a hotel/waterpark with the Walsvik/Brekken clan...I pretty much swam the whole time!
We also went to the Shrine Circus last friday evening...Daddy and I loved it but I think Mom was ready to leave before it even started! I was able to see a real elephant! Here are some pics from the past weekend!

Showing Mommy all the mud! I'm soooo dirty!

Mommy went in to make supper so Daddy was supposed to be "watching" me outside...well, he finally caught me eating the mud! GROSS.

Swimming with cousin Sydney...we had such a great time!


At the circus...and loving the cotton candy!

Cotton Candy Mustache

Wow - mom never lets me have a lot of sugar...so this cotton candy is awesome!

Swimming with Daddy..those swim lessons are paying off!

Sitting with Auntie Alana, Kendall and Sydney!

Taking a turn down the waterslide!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kendall's Birthday Party and more!

Guess where we went last weekend? Yep - you guessed right, another birthday party for one of my cousins. Having 17 1st cousins is getting to be very busy! :) We had a great time - Kendall turned 11 so we went to the Fargo Zoo - it was so awesome! I rode the carousel about 15 times - so fun!

I also started swimming lessons this week - the first class went okay until we had to get out of the pool for the next class...I didn't want to get out, I wanted to stay and swim some more! Good thing we are taking a family vaca to Fargo this weekend and staying in a hotel so I can swim for three days straight - yay! We are also going to the Circus Friday evening...should be interesting!

Daddy and I riding the carousel...Mommy wanted to ride but when she tried she got sick!

Every time we would go up and down I would quietly go "wheeeeeee"!

Look closely, you can see me peeking out of the window to look at the wolves!

Hanging out with Auntie Kari - I love her so much! I wish we could see her more often!

Yeah, more cake!

I can't get enough!

cake cake cake!

At home...and having fun with peach yogurt.

Peach yogurt feels really good on my face and hair!

Yay! Getting ready to jump in the pool at swimming lessons!

Watching the instructor for directions...
Oh I love swimming!
and now we have to get out and I am not happy!

Loving this nice 50 degree weather...I love splashing in the water puddles!

And the mud puddles!

Daddy gave me one of his 100 working hats...I loved it! I wouldn't take it off all day!

Daddy and I getting ready to work hard!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ethan's Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for my cousin Ethan! He turned 5...he's such a big guy! It was another pool party - but this pool had a gi-normous water slide - which I loved!!!

When mom and dad told me about ethan's party, I kept yelling, "cake?!"

Swimming with Dada.

Uncle Matt and his birthday boy!

Mommy and I had to take a quick pic while I was stuffing my face.

More cake! more cake!

Um...I got a peice of cake and a cupcake!! I can't get enough!!

Ethan loving all this Transformers...especially the Transformer shoes!

Chilaxin with Uncle Kris - he is so awesome!

Oh boy...we are back to wearing diapers on our heads...my favorite game!

A video of Dad taking me down the water slide! I can't wait until I can go by myself!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Party Picture Overload

Here are the pictures from my big birthday pool party last Sunday...I had such a great time! There were soooo many pictures taken that day...these pictures are in random order!
Happy Birthday to me!

Mommy and I doing our "fish face" impression - she is way better at it than I am!

Playing one of my favorite games - "keep the cup on the head"...Mommy always wins!

My mom is silly!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Grandma Kathy helping me pop the balloon!

we'll try sitting on it...you would think that since I weight 33 lbs I could easily pop a balloon - but no luck!

Time for swimming!

Hanging out with Carter in the coat pile! About 33 coats is very comfortable! :)

Telling Carter a good story!

Time to open presents! All my cousins were helping me!

Elmo stickers!!

Some of my family at my party!

Mmmmm cake!

Oh I love the cake so much!

This frosting is awesome...I want more!

Frosting everywhere!

Swimming again!

Swimming in the kiddie pool with cousin Ethan!

A birthday pic with Mommy.

Family bday pic!

My cousin Colston - we are best buds!

Yes - Mom let me have another cupcake! I couldn't get enough!

Once again - frosting all over!

Opening presents with Grandpa Randy!

Yes, even more cake!

Some of the Mauch cousins helping me open my gifts!

Instead of a "koolaid mustache" or a "milk mustache"...
I have a "Frosting Mustache"!!!

Mom and Dad had a take a picture with me and all my frosting!

Extreme Closeup!

Yep - you guessed it...MORE CAKE!

My birthday cupcake!

Showing some attitude to cousin "Ja-Ja" (Jazzy) on the slide

Walking myself back to the party room - I was so tired from having such a fun birthday!