Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch (Mom's Favorite one!)!  We met Mom's friend Jen and her kids there - we had such a great time together!  Hopefully we can go again one of these weekends that Daddy is SO BUSY! :(
 One of Mason's FAVORITE things to do was play in the "play house"...we should really get him one of those of his own.  He wanted to play in it the whole time and talk to Andrew about farming on the phone!

 Adlee was SUCH a good girl - just loved being outside!

 Sitting by the fire with Ally

 Trying to talk Ally and Haylee into going for a horse-drawn wagon ride!

 Getting ready to go through the Spooky Forest - sitting like such a gentlemen!

 With Chelsea, Connor, Haylee, Jen and Ally!  We had such a great time together!

 Riding the Barrel Cars - I loved this!

 At Penny & Pals - wasn't too sure how he felt about it - he doesn't like to "participate" in things like this! :)

Having a little picnic with Haylee - too bad they are RELATED! :)

 Whoa!  Mason actually jumped up and started dancing with Haylee!  Way to participate, Mase!

 Really bustin' a move here!

 Looking at all the animals!

 Haylee and Mason are so funny together!

 so cute!
 Mommy, Adlee and Mason - we miss Daddy!

Mason took a picture of Mommy and Adlee - even Haylee snuck in with her sucker! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mason and Brody

Brody came over to play at our house last Friday Night - Mason and Brody had SO MUCH FUN together!  They rarely get alone time so they really bonded!

Eating supper - lots of giggles!
Silly Faces

Jammie time!
They were so hyper together - so silly!

I don't know if Brody was sad to take a picture with me or sad to leave our house...hopefully the latter!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daddy's boy

Mason is such a Daddy's boy...Harvest is such a hard time for him!  We miss Daddy so much and can't wait for his next day off and for Harvest to be DONE!  We pray every day for a SAFE harvest for dad!

Mason LOVES living so close to the shop and being able to see the "action" all the time.  After bath time one night, he sat by the window and STARRED at the shop (he could see Andrew working)...then he just fell asleep like this!  OUT COLD!  He slept like that for about 30 minutes until I moved him downstairs to his room!

Daddy and Adlee - they hadn't seen eachother in a couple days - they loved eachother up that night!

Mason LOVES when he can go with Daddy to work - he talks about it all the time.  He HAS to wear his work boots no matter how hot it is outside - he's so funny!

Mason's photography skills at work again - he wanted Mom and Dad to have a picture together!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photography by Mason Mauch

Mason LOVES to steal my camera...HIDE...and then I find my camera a couple days later with very interesting pictures on them!

Mason actually hid under a blanket with Adlee and snapped some

He also stole peanut butter out of the pantry - which is why he looks like a dirt ball.

Adlee looks SCARED in this picture!

Adlee in her "You are my sunshine" bib that my Auntie Sue made! 
She is such our little sunshine...she has totally made us happy when skies were GRAY!

First time with solids other than rice - SQUASH.  She did NOT like them one bit! :)


I have been channeling my inner-Martha Stewart lately...and making fun things for my little girl!

In the process of making hair bows/head bands...inspired by!

We had a picture of the farm re-framed...and I found a great way to use the old one!
Oak Picture frame before and after:

In Adlee's room as a hair-bow holder!

These I made after Adlee was born - but they are tissue paper balls used from all the tissue paper that she received in all her baby gifts!  I love how they turned out - wish I would have made them a little bigger though.

I have many more things that I am planning on making...including some Tutu's for Adlee and a star chandelier for her room!  I will post pictures when I get around to them!