Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling into Autumn!

Mommy and I have been having so much fun this fall...I love wearing my new hat and gloves (even when it is warm out!) and I love playing in the leaves!

Big smiles in my new winter gear!

Mommy and me.

Mommy mowed and bagged all the leaves for me...I had so much fun going down the slide into them!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So many leaves!

We need to do this more often, Mom!

I was running and having so much fun so I had to take of my winter gear.

Throwing leaves in the air!

Hanging out with mom and dad

Mom, Dad and I always have so much fun together! Here are some pictures from our weekend together!
Celebrating "Auntie" Tory's 21st birthday! I loved seeing her!

Snoozin with mommy on the couch

The 1st window I broke...I'm sure it won't be the last!

Taking funny pics with Daddy (and Blue!)

I love taking pictures...ALL THE TIME!

Especially when mom and I kiss the camera...

At some point, every young man needs to learn how to shave. Dad thought now was as good of time as any.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mommy and Daddy's Weekend Away!

Mommy, Daddy and some of their friends went to the cities for a twins baseball game and the big Miami Dolphins v. Vikings football game! They had SUCH a great time! I was able to spend the whole weekend with Gma and Gpa Mauch...we picked apples, made apple crisp, went for four-wheeler rides, watched movies, rode in the combine, and much more! I didn't even want to go home!!! I don't have any pictures of my fun weekend with Gma and Gpa, but Mom and Dad took lots of pictures on their trip.

Heather, Lani, Betsy and Mommy tailgaiting before the big dolphins game!

Kluge and Daddy...Kluge is a huge vikings fan...little did he know that most vikings fans converted to being dolphins fans at the game!

All eight of us!

Mommy and Daddy at the game...They were so excited that the Dolphins won!
Daddy thinks that they will go to the superbowl this year!

Mommy and Daddy at the twins game...and the Twins won too! Such a great weekend!

The six that went to the twins game:
Daddy, Mommy, Betsy, Gabe, Kluge and Heather!

Another pic of mom and Dad at the beginning of the Dolphins game...Daddy was so excited to finally see his favorite team play in person!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catchin' up on photos!

Since we have been bad bloggers, mommy and I decided to do one big post! We have been pretty busy with football, playing outside, and having family and friends over! I even got to see my best friend baby Sydney again!

The Wahler's came to visit one day; and Lani got to play with me in my "Boody" tent! (Boody = Buzz & Woody)

Daddy helping me hold Baby Sydney...I love holding her!

We went over to Gabe and Betsy's to watch the big Bison game v. KU

Hanging out with Rob Blah blah blah blah...We had a great time together!

Trying to get a pick with Gabe...he's my favorite!
(And if you are wonding why I'm not wearing pants, it is because I spilt water all over them so they were drying outside!)

Matt, Ethan & Cole came for the Mooreton Labor Day Parade...I loved having them here! Here we are walking to the parade!

Look! Rambo came to the parade!

Uncle Matt and Colston waiting for the parade to begin!

Our favorite neighbors - the Woltjer's!

The parade started! I was so excited to see all the trucks, tractors, cars and semi's!

Fight for the candy!

I didn't really care about the candy, I was just so excited to see the parade!

Colston was able to come and have a slumber party with us a couple days after the parade...I loved having a playmate! It was so much fun!

We are the BEST of friends...blood brothers!

Cousins don't shake hands...cousins gotta hug!!!!! BIG HUG!

After Colston left, I had to have some cuddle time with my Dad!

More Lake Pics

Mommy and I have been bad bloggers lately, sorry! Here are some pics from the end of the summer!

Mommy and I went to pick apples for apple crisp, apple bread, apple sauce and much more!

I only liked to pick the "baby" apples...I thought they were so cute!

Mommy and I made these chocolate pumpkin (baseball) cupcakes for my half-birthday for daycare...I can't believe I am almost 3!!! Annie (my daycare lady) thought it was pretty fun that we celebrate half-birthday's at my house!

Mommy and Daddy at the lake!

All the Mauch Grandkids tree faces!

Helping Daddy and Grandpa put the tree faces up!

I was such a big helper! Grandma even got out my own ladder to climb!

Helping my Daddy bale some wheat...can you see me in the tractor!?

Monday, September 6, 2010


Big smiles for the camera!

I feel like MJ with this sweet head band on!

This is how I roll...head band, diaper, shoes. done.

Can you find Mommy in this picture?