Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Pre-game

Last weekend we went to a Halloween Party in Hankinson at the high school. Mom and Dad didn't think I would be able to participate in a lot of the games...little did they know that I dominated most of them!
This was after we got home from the party...I didn't want to stop playing football!

Before the party...loving my costume! The football costume we ordered hadn't arrived yet so mom had to put size 5 baseball pants on me! haha!

Family picture at the party! I'm too intersted in the football game so there is no time for pictures!

Shooting hoops, surprise surprise!

Look at my sweet NDSU eye black things - Dad loved them so much he wanted me to wear them to church the next day! :)

Dominating the football game!

Mom and I at the party...look at the great turnout!

Posing with Daddy for a quick pic!

My friend Cruz was Mario...he looked so cool!!

Even Grandpa Randy came...I wanted to show him all the cool games and prizes!

I was getting pretty we had to call it a night!

One last picture in my NDSU gear! I can't wait until the whole uniform comes in the mail!

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