Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday morning Mom and Dad took me to the Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch! It was so cold out, but we still had a great time. Daddy loved it so much he said that we HAVE to come back every year during Harvest!

Walking through the patch - I wanted to find my own pumpkin! Mom thought it was funny that I really liked the green ones :)

I love horses Mom and Dad let me get real close to them!

Daddy stopped to take a picture with Mommy - they are so silly.

Riding on a "horse"! This was the only barrell I would ride besides the lawn mower pulling...I love lawn mowers these days!

Hey Mom and Dad!

I can almost reaching the steering wheel!

Riding through the forest..and guess what...I saw Elmo there! I kept yelling "Mo" to the driver of the wagon...but he wouldn't stop!

Looking at the goats at the petting zoo!

family picture at the pumpkin patch!

I loved the ducks!

Mom and I as Bert & Ernie!

running through the hay bail maze...this thing was way too easy for me!

No Daddy, that is a dead end...its this way!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Pre-game

Last weekend we went to a Halloween Party in Hankinson at the high school. Mom and Dad didn't think I would be able to participate in a lot of the games...little did they know that I dominated most of them!
This was after we got home from the party...I didn't want to stop playing football!

Before the party...loving my costume! The football costume we ordered hadn't arrived yet so mom had to put size 5 baseball pants on me! haha!

Family picture at the party! I'm too intersted in the football game so there is no time for pictures!

Shooting hoops, surprise surprise!

Look at my sweet NDSU eye black things - Dad loved them so much he wanted me to wear them to church the next day! :)

Dominating the football game!

Mom and I at the party...look at the great turnout!

Posing with Daddy for a quick pic!

My friend Cruz was Mario...he looked so cool!!

Even Grandpa Randy came...I wanted to show him all the cool games and prizes!

I was getting pretty we had to call it a night!

One last picture in my NDSU gear! I can't wait until the whole uniform comes in the mail!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baking with Mommy

Here are my pictures from "bake with mommy" day! I HAVE to see what mommy is baking all the Grandma Kathy taught me how to sit in the sink and help mom with her ingredients. This is the only way I will let mom cook! Thanks Grandma Kathy - my mommy really really appreciates it! :)
One of my new favorite hiding spots...I could hang out in here all day!

Mom, I'll show you where the apple the meatloaf pan!

See Grandma Kathy...just like you taught me!

If you look closely you can see that I am sitting in a casserole dish! Or is it a sled?

Guess what I did when Mom wasn't watching me very closely...I got into my desitin stash in my room...and ate some of it! I was so mad when mom took it away from me!!

Consuming our finished product...homemade apple crisp! YUM YUM YUM!

Monday, October 19, 2009

video fun...

I would like to share some funny videos with you! I am such a giggley little boy!

Playing with the t-ball set that Gma and Gpa Mauch gave me for my birthday...Mom, Dad and I have so much fun playing together!

More baseball...check out the HUGE mess I made that day!

(Mommy swears the house is never this messy!)

Having fun with Gpa Randy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing with Braya & Brody

Mommy and I got to babysit my cousins Braya and Brody last week...Mom didn't think it would be hard at all...until both Brody and I were crying, hungry, and tired all at the same time! I also got to take my Great Grandma Dorris out for supper for her birthday...we had a great time!

Chugging water from the big boy cup!

Sharing my food with Great Gma Dorris...I think food tastes the best when it comes out of my mouth and put into someone else's!

I LOVE playing with Grandpa Randy the he is letting me play with the ice cubes in his water!

When Braya and Brody came to play all day, mom got out my exersaucer for Brody. I was very jealous of him...I wanted to play in it!

...So when Brody was napping...I jumped right in...

...and got stuck! I couldn't get out!

Brody and I chillin' like villian's.

Braya taught me how to run up onto the windowsill, run across the end table and jump onto the couch! We did this for about 35 minutes...Mom was pretty nervous that we were going to get hurt, but we were having a great time!

wedding weekend

Mommy's good friend Nicole was married on Oct. 3...I didn't get to go to the wedding but I was able to attend the groom's supper and rehearsal! We had a great time! It was so fun to see all my Mom's friends from high school!

Mommy & Daddy during pictures...they look snazzy!

Mommy, Daddy and I at the grooms supper. We are at the bride and grooms new shop at their house!

Mommy's friends from high school, Nicole, Kari and Steph!

We were having such a good time at the rehearsal dinner, so decided to give everyone a kiss! This is me giving Kari a kiss!

Walking around the shop like I own the place!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun with Family

Where do I begin? Mom and Dad went to a wedding last weekend in Hillsboro, so I got to stay with Grandma Kathy & Grandpa Randy! We had a GREAT time. On Sunday we had some professional pictures taken in Fargo...Mommy was kinda upset because the second I got out of the car, I fell in the mud - but I think the pictures still turned out o.k. My uncle Matt also came to spend the night with us so he could help my Daddy out on the farm...I had a lot of fun with him (when he wasn't sleeping!)
Go Bison!

Peek-a-Boo Uncle Matt...I see you!

There you are!!!

Trying on a pair of Mommy's shoes...I look funny in these! I wonder if they will make my feet bleed like they do to my Mommy!

At my cousin Cody's football game at the Fargo Dome...I had so much fun running!

Lakin, Jazzy & Kya were playing with me...I look like I'm having a great time in this picture.

Mommy, Jazz and I enjoying the game! Cody played really well!

Grandma and Grandpa trying to point out Cody to me!

I love football! Maybe I'll play for NDSU and then the Miami Dolphins! woohoo!

Chillin' with Granny.

Hey Kya - give me my fan back!

Mommy, I think it is time to move me up into size 3T jammies...jeepers!

Watching ESPN with Daddy...we do that a lot!!