Friday, February 27, 2009

Now I'm One!

I turned One yesterday!! I had such a great day...Daddy even stayed home from work to spend the day with me and Mommy! They let me have a cupcake - but they said I will have my own cake at my party on Sunday. The cupcake was really yummy...I can't wait to have another one! They also let me open a few gifts...I got a whole bunch of bath toys and a huge tow truck that is my size that I can push around, sit in and put leggos in! They also gave me money to put in my college fund..whatever that is!

This is right before they gave me my Birthday cupcake!

Oh...look at that candle!
It's time to eat some Cake!!!!!!

Frosting everywhere!

Oh boy do I love cupcakes!
Mom and Dad put me right in the bath after eating...I was very messy from the chocolate cake! Look at how brown the water is!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1 year ago today...

I am 1 YEAR OLD TODAY! Can you believe it? My mom & dad sure can't. It seems like only yesterday we came home from the hospital! Here are some pictures from around the time I was born...
This was me in my Mom's belly when she was 30 weeks along...She was SO BIG!
This is our first family shot together. Look at my mom...she looks so tired! That's what 2 hours of sleep in 36 hours will do to you! :)
I was born on 2.26.08 at 11:30pm. 8lbs, 13.4 oz, 21.5 inches long!
My mom was 4 days overdue and really uncomfortable. So finally on Feb. 26 she had another dr. appt. they said she was having labor contractions (which she didn't understand because she had been having those same contractions 3.5 weeks before I was born!) and they admitted her to the hospital around 4:30pm. Her water broke right after she was admitted, and then the contractions started to get really intense. She FINALLY started pushing at 10:00 pm...and I was born at 11:30pm!

This is one of my favorite dad and I still do that same thing together!
Mom & Dad call it "eskimo kisses"

I had a tough time opening my eyes...I was so tired!

This is a picture of my tiny feet with my mom's and dad's wedding rings on my toes!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Giggles and Grins!

Mom and Dad think that I am pretty funny lately because whenever they want to take my picture I do a funny smile!

Another big smile for the camera!

This is me with Daddy at our Priest's basketball game last Friday evening. The Priest's played the Seminarians...It was a great game!

However, whenever the crowd would cheer really loud, it would scare me quite a bit!

After my mom and my grandma Jan painted the living room, I helped my dad put everything back together! Notice our matching hammers!

My mom's friend Nicole likes to stay with us once a week, and this time we played together LOTS. She even let me play with that thing that she listens to hearts with! fun!

My mommy's best friend Rachel also came to visit me, and boy did we have SO MUCH FUN! She even brought me an awesome birthday present! I wish we could see her more often!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I love lollipops!

I love lollipops! After my bath last night, Mom & Dad were letting me play a little before bedtime. Well, while they weren't watching, I snuck into the kitchen pantry and found a RED SUCKER. I somehow unwrapped it quietly, and walked right over to mom and dad while licking my awesome sucker. Their mouths dropped in amazement, then they realized how cute I was with my lollipop and how much fun I was having with it, so they let me have it for a little bit. That was a suprise because my mommy NEVER lets me have candy!
This was right when I walked into the living room from the kitchen with my sucker. Mommy picked her jaw off the floor and quickly grabbed the camera to get a shot of me! good!

Dad let me sit on my lap so it was "safe" to eat my sucker!

It was so funny...I woud lick the lollipop and then giggle, then mom and dad would laugh, then I would give dad a lick, then I would giggle again! We did this for about 5 minutes!

This is a video of me sharing my sucker with my daddy. Oh what fun we had!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 1st Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day my mom and dad took me to Fargo and we played at the Dinosaur playland in the mall. I had such a great time! There were lots of screaming kids there, so we didn't stay that long, but Mom promised that we'd go back during the week when it wasn't so busy! Mommy also made me wear a shirt that said "Born to Break Hearts"...she is so silly!

I loved to crawl through the Lava!

I had so much fun playing with all the dinosaurs!

This is me crawling through one of the tunnels!

I had so much fun at dinosaur playland!

My mom's friend, Kari, and her boyfriend Mike came to see me play...I haven't seen them for a very long time!

This is me walking through the Dinosaur Playland! I am getting really good at moving around!

My Daddy got my Mommy some flowers and this balloon for Valentine's Day...but Daddy told me that the balloon was really for me! I loved it!

I just realized that when I'm walking around, I can hold Mommy's hand! It's so fun!

I just learned to give kisses..I really like to grab mommy's face really tight, open my mouth REALLY wide and plant a sloppy, spitty kiss on Mommy! Mom and Dad both love kisses like that!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Having fun with Mom and Dad!

Mason is finally enjoying being outdoors again! During the summertime, we would go for a couple walks a day - he loved being outside!! There was finally a day that was around 40 degrees, so we went for a family stroll around Mooreton! He loved it!

Mason's first walk out in the snow!

Walking through the snow-covered moutains at the front of the house...after this picture was taken Mason fell and added two more bruises to his forehead!

Family pic :)

Andrew eating Mason's belly!

Daddy throwing Mason up in the air! Oh so scary!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some videos & some fun!

Mommy and Daddy gave me cool whip for the first time...I was amazed at how good it was!

I just finished making a mess of the book shelf...I pulled down a whole shelf of mom and dad's books from college! They were HEAVY!

I love to splish splash in the tub...kicking my feet is my favorite!

This is me giggling at my cousin, Ethan. He's so funny!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Mason is just over 11 months old now...and he is so fun! He sleeps about 10-12 hours per night (without waking up!) and usually naps around 2-4 hours a day. He loves to take things out of the kitchen drawers and hide it in places all over the house, play in his hamper and hide his dirty clothes in corners of the house, and loves to chew on everything! His most favorite item of choice right now is the just amazes him. When he sees the bathroom door open, he runs as fast as he can to the bathroom to try to play with the toilet!
I have been sleeping so good lately and smiling all the time...Mommy said that she can't believe how fun I've been lately!

I love to smile...especially when I see food coming my way!

I also LOVE naked time...I like to run all over the house naked!

Whenever Daddy comes home, I run as fast as I can to the door so I can see him! Mommy and I always race to see who can give Daddy a kiss first!

When Daddy gets home from work and takes a shower, I wait outside of his bathroom for him to get done.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My 1st Superbowl!

My dad and I wore our Miami Dolphins Jerseys for Superbowl. They didn't play in the superbowl, but they should have. We thought we would support them anyway!
But we cheered really hard for the Cardinals, my uncle Matt's favorite team!

Daddy loves to toss me up in the air...Mommy calls it the "give mommy a heart attack" game.

Thank heavens for a safe landing!

Mommy with her college friend, Brittany - and her baby, Piper! Piper and I played together for a little bit..I shared my toys with her...which made mommy really happy!

Daddy with his friend Timmy and his daughter, Piper.

All the boys with Piper...What a fun superbowl crowd!

Random shots

We love taking family pictures!
Right before Daddy took me swimming! I was pretty excited!

Walking all over the place!

Mommy gave me chocolate for the first time...I loved it but I made this face every time I tried to eat it!! but I kept wanting more...I must have a sweet tooth like mommy!

We love bath time!