Saturday, May 23, 2009

I can sign!

I FINALLY learned my first word in sign language! Mommy has been trying to teach me a few words here and there ever since I turned 6 months, and besides waving "hi" and "bye" I never really cought on. Yesterday we went to the field to bring daddy lunch...we were waiting for him and Mom was feeding me some snacks...she said more and I SIGNED "more" to her! It was like I had been doing it for years! Here is a video of me signing "more" and dad were both so excited! It's a short video - but it does the job! Next I have to learn "please" and "thankyou" !!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We miss Daddy!

My Daddy is busy planting, so I don't get to see him at night that much anymore! He usually leaves around 7 am and doesn't get home until around 9 pm! Mommy thinks she going bananas, and I really miss my Dad a lot. Thankfully Mom takes me out to see him everyday! But we've been keeping really busy outside these days...we go outside every day and I get into EVERYTHING.
I always bring this swim diaper that I found to my mommy so she can put it on my head! It's one of my favorite things to do...I'm so silly!

Mommy brings me to the park...and I only eat about 5 handfuls of dirty & sand on a daily basis. Not to bad.

My mom bought me this Colorado Rockies outfit when she was in Denver...Dad was not impressed (because he is obsessed with the Twins!) But my great uncle Bill LOVES the Rockies, so I do too!

Mommy and I made this sign for Daddy...he's pretty sad that he hasn't been able to wrestle and play with me lately! But hopefully there will only be 2 weeks left of planting!

This is my new favorite spot - out with the oven drawer and in with the hamper! I could sit in here all day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Pictures!

Here are some pictures of me the last week or so...I am getting to be such a big boy!
When Mommy wasn't looking...I found the kleenex box! So fun!

The broom a.k.a. my javalin - I hope to throw the Javalin for NDSU someday just like my Dad! I have the throwing position down already!

We got to babysit Baby Brody Thursday night...He was such a good boy! I was very jealous of his carseat and the fact that he was in MY pack-n-play!

Since Brody's Daddy loves the Yankees, Brody and my Daddy got to watch the Twins game together. My daddy wanted to make sure that my mommy got a picture of Brody watching the Twins game.

See...I am very jealous of my cousin Brody sleeping in MY pack-n-play!

I love the mow the lawn! So fun! This mower was a gift from my auntie Rachel - she is the BEST!

Mowing the concrete driveway is waaaaaayyy more fun than the grass. I could do this for hours!

Mommy gave me the rest of my milk after supper...and this is what I decided to do about it. Mom says this happens on a daily basis...she should know that I do it just to get attention!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day!

On Mothers Day, Mom and Dad went to the parade of homes in Fargo and I got to hang out with my Aunt Kathy and cousin Tory for a couple hours. I had a good time chasing their cat and unfolding all their laundry!
Mom, Dad and I went to Grandma Kathy's that evening for supper so we could see all my Mauch cousins...boy are they wild!!!

This is Grandma Kathy with all 11 of her grandchildren!

My crazy cousins Carter and Cody were trying out Grandma's new baby swing...this whole situation made mom really nervous!

I'm such a good boy...playing in the toy closet like a good boy!

My mom, Grandma and all my aunts didn't have to do a thing on Mothers day...the men fed us and cleaned up after us too!

Me and Grandpa Randy...I LOVE sitting with him more than anyone else!

He always gives me all of his dessert!

Grandma Kathy let me play with Daddy's "juice" was not impressed with this either!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Bachin'" it up with Daddy!

My Mommy went to Denver, Colorado at the end of the week to spend time with family, so I was bachin' in up with Daddy for 4 days! We had a good time...I got to go to my Grandma Kathy's when Daddy was at work! I was such a good boy...making lots of messes when Mom was gone!
This is my 2nd favorite place to go now besides the oven drawer...its so fun!
Yep, I was in the drawer lots when Mom was gone!

This is what my mom did in Denver...sit and chat with family in a hospital during my Great Uncle Bill's surgery. We are all praying for Bill's speedy recovery!

This is the view of the Rocky Mountains from the University of Colorado Hospital!

First time this year planting with Daddy in the new tractor!

Grandma Kathy and I made this sign for Mommy when she came to pick me up! Mommy said that she was so excited to see me that she ran to see me without even noticing it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silly Monkey

Daddy always calls me his "silly monkey"...and here are some pictures (and one video!) to prove it! I am sure keeping my mom and dad on their toes...I am into everything!
This is my new favorite thing to do...climb in the oven drawer!

Good Morning! I am out of it in the morning just like my mommy...

rain rain go away! come again another day!

I love looking at scrapbooks with mommy!

New twins hat...I hope mommy doesn't lose it this time!

This is a video of me dancing...but sorry for the shaking of the camera...Mommy was dancing as well!