Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lord of the Dance!

I have been dancing quite a bit lately...Mom and Dad think that it is pretty funny. Here is a video of my sweet moves...sometimes I'm dancing so hard that I fall over!

Mom & Dad had to put a gate up so I couldn't get into the back entry...but I am slowly learning how to crawl up and over the gate! I made it 25% up this time...then I got stuck! Funny how mom takes a picture before helping her little boy...:)

Mommy didn't catch me before I got into the food pantry...what a mess I made!
Grandma Kathy taught me how to smile REALLY I do that all the time now!
I love playing on Mommy's treadmill!
Mason's new car can drive through snow!
Grandma and Grandpa missed me so much that they had to come over and see me!
Daddy was giving me chocolate milk for the first time!
Crazy bath hair!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My week with Gma & Gpa

Mommy had to scan all of grandma's sorry for the quality of the photos! My Mom needs a new scanner really bad! But here are my favorite pictures from my "vacation and Grandma & Grandpa Mauchs!" Most of them include my cousins...who could NOT WAIT to play with me!
I'm laughing at my cousin Braya...she's so funny!
My cousin Jaxon and I...we are buds!
Grandma let me paly in the dishwasher! Mommy never lets me do this!

Ha ha...I hid a toy in there and Grandma didn't notice until Monday evening...2 days after I already went home! :)
Mom and Dad called from mexico a couple times..I was pretty confused hearing their voice come out of the phone...this is "my phone"...after I heard mom and dad one day I would put this phone up to my hear to see of mom and dad were on the other end!
Me and Grandma Kathy...she is the best grandma ( of them anyway!)

She sure tuckers me out! I'm tired!
Jaxon pushing me around on one of my birthday presents!
I love all 10 1/2 of my cousins! They spoil me!
Big smiles!


My mommy and daddy went to Cabo, Mexico for 5 days...and boy did I miss them! I stayed with my Grandpa Randy & Grandma Kathy - and we had SO MUCH FUN! Mommy still has to get the pictures from my stay from Grandma, so she will post those as soon as she gets them. But here are MY favorite pictures of my mom and dad in Mexico! They said they had a good time, but it was too hard to be away from they claimed they wouldn't go anywhere else until I was much older!

Mom and Dad left at 6:30am on St. Patrick's they dressed up on the plane! Mommy's friends Lani & Jessie bought these cute accessories!

They hadn't gotten to burnt yet!

This is the famous Arch in Cabo San was so beautiful!
Daddy and the Arch!

Mom & Dad also went whale watching...they were 50 yards from this baby calf!
Mom said that everyday when they would lay on the beach they could sea whales swim by and jumping...what a view!
I think mom and dad missed me a little too much :)

the last nite in Mexico! they were excited to come home and see me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Swimming Lessons

For the past 6 weeks Mom, Dad and I have been going to parent/child swim lessons in Wahpeton...and I found out that I passed with flying colors! Yay! Mom and Dad were so proud of me. My teacher said that I was a very good boy who did not have a fear of the water at all but she thinks I need to keep practicing blowing bubbles and going under water. We sure had fun! I can't wait until next winter to do swim lessons again! Here are some pictures from our last class:

Front stroke!

Daddy trying to get me to blow bubbles...but I don't really get it yet.

I'm having so much fun I'm clapping my hands!

This is my instructor, Felisa, letting me play with a cool ball during swim freetime!

here is a video of dad and I swimming!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow days!

Mommy, Daddy and I were stranded in Fargo at the Doublewood Inn during the big blizzard! Daddy had farm meetings there so Mommy and I went with so we could swim on Monday night...and we ended up staying until Wednesday! Mommy had a tough time trying to keep me busy in a hotel suite...but we walked the halls, played in cabinets, ate lots of unhealthy food from the hotel bar, and went swimming! Here are some pictures from our stay!

Swimming with Mommy!

These are pictures of me crawling where the microwave and fridge were in our hotel was my favorite to sneak in there when mom wasn't looking and hide from her!

We finally came home on Wednesday afternoon. Dad starting to blow snow right away...we couldn't even get in the house because the drifts were taller than my dad! We literally had to dig our way to the door!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Pirates!

We went to the Girls State Basketball Tournament this past weekend and we had such a great time watching the Hankinson Pirates play! They got 5th place...which wasn't too bad. I didn't really like sitting at the games very much...they were really boring! But I did love playing with the pom poms! Here are a few pictures from our trip!

My uncle Joe and I - he loves to play with me all the time!

Grandpa Randy let me sit with him and look at his book - that kept me busy for about 10 minutes!

I also loved trying to crawl over the made mom really nervous.
Yep - I'm tired, its nap time and I am ready to go NOW!
The second we got in the car I was asleep!

Look what I can do now!

I am doing all sorts of things now...Mommy gets pretty tired chasing me around the house all day! I love making messes and hiding important items around the house so Mom and Dad can't find them anywhere...including Mommy's makeup and the TV remotes. Oh the joys that boys can bring!
I love to run to the fridge when Mommy opens it and pull out anything I can...This time I grabbed the BLUEBERRIES before Mom could catch me...and I made a really fun mess!
I love to watch Dad blow and shovel the snow after we have a blizzard!
Mommy cought me having fun with the new toys I got for my birthday!
One of my favorite toys from my birthday...a cardboard box!I was very jealous that mommy was playing in my birthday present! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1 year pictures

Here are a couple of my 1 year pictures! Mommy, Daddy and the photographer had a tough time getting me to stand or sit we had to take action shots! I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!In this picture I am laughing at Daddy who was standing at the door to my right!
I was running towards Mommy who was behind the photographer!