Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baking with Mommy

Here are my pictures from "bake with mommy" day! I HAVE to see what mommy is baking all the Grandma Kathy taught me how to sit in the sink and help mom with her ingredients. This is the only way I will let mom cook! Thanks Grandma Kathy - my mommy really really appreciates it! :)
One of my new favorite hiding spots...I could hang out in here all day!

Mom, I'll show you where the apple the meatloaf pan!

See Grandma Kathy...just like you taught me!

If you look closely you can see that I am sitting in a casserole dish! Or is it a sled?

Guess what I did when Mom wasn't watching me very closely...I got into my desitin stash in my room...and ate some of it! I was so mad when mom took it away from me!!

Consuming our finished product...homemade apple crisp! YUM YUM YUM!

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