Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go Bison!!!

What a week! Mommy and I have been going to lots of Mooreton, in Wahpeton and in Fargo!!! Island Park in Downtown Fargo was my favorite - squirells would come up to me and mommy and try to get food from us! It was so cool! I've also been spending a lot of time with Daddy before Harvest starts...we've had so much fun together!

Daddy and I watching football....or of them!

Daddy brought the tractor home was day to do some much needed yard work....and I had a lot of fun riding with him!

I'm working hard just like my Daddy!

Mommy and Daddy on their "date night"...I got to stay home with "Auntie" Tory! She's my favorite!

Sitting at Island Park...I love it here!

Riding down the slide with Tory!

Look at that squirrel, Mom!

My friend I made at the park...everytime he'd stop turning his wheel I would say "no no" and say "more" in sign language!

Tory and I looking at the squirrel

Trying to eat Tory's gum! I loved this game!

In our Bison gear...I didn't get to go to the game with Mom and Dad...but they said they had so much fun!

Playing bball at Grandma Jan's while Mom and Dad are at the Bison football game!

YAY FOR ME! I just made a slam dunk! WOOHOO!

The 1st video is of me playing basketball...everyone was cheering so loud! the 2nd video is grandpa Rod making me laugh so hard!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Casa de Mason

Another week, another mess made by yours truly! Here are some random pictures from the week!
Mommy's been trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween - this is my cousin Colson's costume from last year...too bad it's too small for me!

Eating cereal...messy marvin!

Using a big boy plate and a big boy fork...too bad all this food was on the floor in 5.2 seconds flat!

Mommy and I taking a snooze together...I'm so cute!

Mom & Dad finally got a bike to use with the bike trailer...I love it! We go so fast!

Mommy thinks I look like such a big boy in this picture!

This one too!

At the kickball game at Braya's birthday party!

Daddy is teaching me how to kick - the Mauch's are such a big family...we had 2 teams of 10 for the family kickball game!

Running the bases

Kisses for Daddy

Ha! Big smile for the camera silly mommy!

Family pic - I am not good at taking pictures...I always look funny!

This one is a little better...We wish daddy would have been in this picture!

This is my tool box...I crawl in and get stuck in it about 5 times a day. I get in and I can't figure out how to get out!

Daddy and I working on our shot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

18 month pics

Here are my 18 mo. pictures! It was pretty interesting going to the studio - I wouldn't sit still or smile at all...I just wanted to chase after the basketball the whole time! Finally the photographer asked if we could "just be done" and Mommy only had 3 pictures to choose from! Hopefully our family pictures in October will go much better! :)

Mommy thought this was a very silly pose...but everyone else loved it!

This is the picture that Mommy chose for our wall at home and to give away...I bet next year I'll be able to grip the basketball in my hand!

Labor Day Weekend!

Dad's friends came over to do some fantasy football on Friday night...I didn't want to go to bed at all - I wanted to stay up and have fun with the boys! We also went to the Mooreton parade on Monday...I had such a great time! I didn't really understand the whole "throwing the candy" thing...whenever a float in the parade would throw candy at me, I would usually throw it right back! Maybe next year I'll be crazy about the candy!

Daddy's friend Twan...I loved playing with him!

Sitting with da boys at the table! I'm just one of the guys!

Daddy's friend Gabe and I - he's really funny too!

Daddy's stopped by to see us before he went baling...I cried so hard when he had to go!

At the parade on Labor Day - Grandma Kathy was there and helped chase after me so Mommy and Daddy could take a break! I loved chasing after all the fire trucks and tractors!

Hangin' with Grandma Kathy - she was the best at the parade!

Mommy and I getting candy

Even my cousin Braya gave me some of her candy...I couldn't get there fast enough with some of my Mauch cousins getting the candy!

Mommy and I...I was very preoccupied with my sucker to look at the camera!

After the parade I was playing with my cousin Cody - all I wanted to do was play in the water puddles!

Watching the tractor pull - I'll be able to do that in a couple of years!
Happy Labor Day everyone!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun with Mom & Dad!

Mom was gone almost the whole weekend with her friends, but on Sunday we had a family day! We went to the park in Fargo where Daddy proposed to Mommy about three years was a lot of fun! On Monday mommy and I went near Kindred where Daddy was working and brought him lunch - we also rode with him in the tractor for a while! I like the tractor more and more - especially since I get to see my Daddy!!!

I get to sit in the buddy seat right next to Daddy now - Mommy has to sit on the FLOOR of the tractor!

Loving bailing!

I loved rolling around in the grass at the park!

Mommy and Daddy taking a picture on the exact spot that Daddy propsed to Mommy!

Running while Mommy and Daddy reminisce about their engagement story!

The dam in the park - I wanted to get out of the stroller and jump right in!

After the park we went to get ice cream! I have it EVERYWHERE! If you look closely, you can see it on my hands, face, shorts, seat belt, legs and even the car seat! gross!