Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mason's 1st time Skiing & Adlee update

Adlee is just about 11 months old now - and she is a busy girl!  She crawls all over, waves "bye bye", claps a lot, signs "more" and just said "Dada" the other night for the first time!  Our little girl is growing up TOO FAST!

We brought Adlee to Ben and Beth's house the other weekend and took a "mommy, mason and daddy day" at Andes Tower Hills in Alexandria.  Daddy was SO excited to teach Mason how to ski for the first time!  We were prepared to only be there for an hour - but Mason never wanted to stop skiing!  He did such a great job and we are so proud of our little boy.  Andrew cannot wait to take him skiing a couple times every year!
First time with skis on - he didn't know what to do!

Mommy was very nervous about the chair lifts - but Mason did great!

Skiing down the "big" hill! (no bunny hill for our little monster!)

Mommy and Mason on the chair lift!

I think the lifts were his favorite part!

Mommy and Mason skiing together - it was so nice that day!  50 degrees!

Daddy skied backwards to help mason...what a great daddy!

Last hill of the day...Mason did NOT want to stop!  
But after 3 hours of straight skiing, we thought we better! :)  
We are so proud of you, Mason!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter randoms

 Andrew was in meetings in Fargo during the "big blizzard" a couple weeks Grandpa Randy came out and saved the day with the tractor!  He invited Mason to "bucket snow" with him - mason had SUCH a great time with Grandpa Randy!

 He was so excited to have Grandpa all to himself!

 Daddy and his babies...(the cutest kids EVER!)

 Tory and Auntie Kathy came to visit one day...the kids had so much fun with them!

 Mason - you are weird.

 Andrew FINALLY went through his closet and got rid of small items...Mason was in love with them! :)  Andrew used to rock out in this Poison shirt...and now Mason can.  Yipee!

This suit coat was worn by Randy at his First Communion, and also at Andrew's 1st Communion!  Hopefully Mason can wear it as well!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mason Birthday Party #3

Apparently we must love our son because we let him have THREE 4TH BIRTHDAY PARTIES!
Party #3 was held at the waterpark in Casselton - it was a joint party with cousin Ethan!
Grandma Violet with Adlee
so cute!
Mason and Coley swimming together
Grandma JUST HAD to have a strawberry milkshake...and what Grandma wants, Grandma GETS!
The birthday boys!

They each got Bey Blade "stuff" - they were SO EXCITED!
Mason gets so excited when opening gifts...
Mason with Gpa Rod
Mason with Auntie Kathy
Swimming with cousin Jessica
Aunt Barb and Uncle Jon! (Jessica's parents)
Mason and Grandpa Dave
Hugs for Grandma Violet
Gma Violet with Ethan!
Adlee had SO MUCH FUN in the pool - I can't wait to take her again!
All smiles in the pool!
Adlee having so much fun with Uncle Matt
The boys!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mason's Birthday Party - #2

We let Mason have a "friend" birthday party this year - he was SO EXCITED.  We invited Ethan, Colston, Kaisen, Kallen, Trevor, and Brody!  (5 of the six he was related to! :)

 Mommy and Mason made the Scooby Doo cupcakes and the green slime (thanks, Pinterest!) for party favors.  They turned out AMAZING!

 Our 4-year old!

 Waiting so patiently for all his friends to show up!

 The birthday boy and Mom.

 Getting a little amped up here!

 Eating lunch and cake with all his friends!


 Just had to get a picture with this little guy - he was having so much fun (note the RED cheeks!)

 Opening presents

 Ethan and Colston gave mason Bey Blades - SO AWESOME.
Every day Mason will say to one of us "Hey Mom/Dad, will you battle with me?"

 Mason's "Best Friend" Kaisen - they are DOUBLE TROUBLE.

 Getting ready to go outside with the Nordick boys

 the three amigos - Kallen, Kaisen and Mason

Playing outside on the "mountain" :)