Monday, June 1, 2009

Our trip to the zoo!

On Friday, Grandma Jan brought Ethan & Colston to my house so we could all go to the zoo for the first time this year! Last year I wasn't too excited about all the animals, but this year was really exciting! My favorite was the pony...he licked my hand!

This is a picture of the pony licking my hand! It felt funny!

Ethan really liked the ponies too!

Grandma Jan, Colston and I taking a break by the bears...they were big!

Colston and I were so tired after the zoo, we slept all the way back to Mooreton!!

Ethan getting ready to plant with my Daddy!

Everyday when we play outside and mom looks away for a split second...I go right for the dirt!
I love to eat dirt!

Grandma Jan cooked my mommy and I supper one night...and she even had angel food cake! I loved the cool whip!

Mommy let me have my very own cookie...I couldn't get it in my mouth fast enough!

I have learned to climb up and around furniture now...Mommy found me here one afternoon! I need help getting out...I was stuck!

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