Monday, June 1, 2009

Just call me MJ...

I think I may be the next Michael Jordan (MJ)!! I just LOVE basketball...I can't get enough of it! Whenever we go for walks or to the park and I see a hoop...I run over to it as fast as I can and try to shoot some hoops. We have a big one at our house and I always grab a ball and stand under the hoop and say "shoot it! shoot it!" Mommy said that she'll have to buy me a hoop that is "my size" so I can slam dunk like daddy. I just can't get enough basketball!
Daddy and I playing catch in the house (don't tell mom!) with the NDSU basketball that Grandpa David got me! I love it! I play with it lots every day!
When Ethan and Colston came to the zoo with me the other day, we also played lots of basketball. Mommy even let Colston and I take our basketballs to the park because we didn't want to let them go!

Colston and I playing basketball together at my house.

Grandma Jan & Grandpa Rod help me slam dunk the ball and their house last week...this was a lot of fun! My mom isn't strong enough to hold me way up by the hoop!

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