Saturday, May 23, 2009

I can sign!

I FINALLY learned my first word in sign language! Mommy has been trying to teach me a few words here and there ever since I turned 6 months, and besides waving "hi" and "bye" I never really cought on. Yesterday we went to the field to bring daddy lunch...we were waiting for him and Mom was feeding me some snacks...she said more and I SIGNED "more" to her! It was like I had been doing it for years! Here is a video of me signing "more" and dad were both so excited! It's a short video - but it does the job! Next I have to learn "please" and "thankyou" !!!


  1. Thats cute!! That just made me smile!

  2. Very cool! Have you ever checked out the Signing Time videos? Elanor LOVED them at Mason's age (she still does, actually).