Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grandma Day!!

Every Thursday afternoon it is "Grandma Day" - all my Mauch cousins and I go to Grandma's house and do special activities with Grandma! She is really good doing projects with all her 11's so much fun! Last week was my day to "invent" one my mom went and bought pudding so we could paint our bodies....but it turned into CHAOS very quickly! :)
Things begin so innocently...just painting our pictures and our bodies...
Then Grandma Kathy yelled "PUDDING FIGHT" and pudding started to fly everywhere!

Attack Grandma with the pudding!
Everyone got me really good...I was covered!

Jaxon, Grandma, Jasmin and Kya posing for a pudding filled picture!

After things settled down from the pudding fight, Grandma had all of us decorate pots and we planted green beans in them! I was really good and coloring my pot!

Braya tried to teach me how to jump on the trampoline...but it was waaay more fun to sit and bounce!

I love swinging on Grandma's swing and watching all my wild cousins!

Daddy came to see me at Grandma day...I had so much pudding in my hair we made a pudding mohawk!

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