Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boys will be boys!

Here are some pictures from last week! Mom and Dad say that I keep getting sillier by the day!

After breakfast one morning, my big butt got stuck in my toy basket!

Kissing Daddy through the window before he goes to work! I want you to stay here and play with me daddy!
This is what happened after the big storm that hit the area...Trees were down everywhere, along with the bleachers at the baseball diamond! Even a Semi had been tipped over from the storm! Scary!

But...after the big storm there were LOTS of puddles for me to jump and slash in! I love getting wet and dirty!

My bathtime mohawk!!

My cousin Kya was helping me cool off at Grandma was so hot!

Playing in the sandbox (mudbox!) at Grandma Day! Notice how dirty I am!

Grandma Kathy had all of us make "lawnmower cupcakes"...they were so good!

Mom and Dad found me playing in my room one night...and I didn't know they took my picture! I'm so silly!!

Just like Daddy...
I love to take my shirt off like Daddy after a hard days work!

Daddy reading to me before bedtime...we have so much fun together!

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