Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our weekend in the Cities!

Mom, Dad and I went to the cities last weekend to have some family time! We had a blast!! We went to the zoo, a twins game, my dad's cousin's graduation party, and did a little bit of shopping! Mom and Dad were impressed that I was such a good boy! Here are some pictures from our trip!

The drive started out pretty good...I watched my Baby Einstein DVD's and slept most of the way!

After being in the car for 5 hours, we finally got to the zoo! We loved the giraffe's...In this picture dad is explaining to me what giraffe's do and how tall they are.

Mom and Dad had to sneak a quick picture in! :)

Dad loved the Gorilla....He was SO BIG!

Mom and Dad let me play at the park near the zoo...there were a lot of other kids around and I had a great time trying to figure out how to walk on the equipment!

Slowly making my way down the wiggley bridge!

I also love to play in the sand...I think I am trying to swim in the sand in this picture!

I LOVED mom and dad's bed at our hotel...I just wanted to play in the bed the whole time we were there! I think my mom and dad should get a king-size...Mommy says we just have to talk my daddy into it! :)

Mom tried to take a pre-game family pic...but of course it didn't turn out. I don't know why my mom tries to take pictures like this!

Ok, this is a better picture but I was amazed with my dad's ear!

On the way to the Twins' stadium...I was so excited!

I could not stop smiling! I was super excited to see the Twins in action!

Right before entering the twins game!

We had pretty good seats at the game...right behind the twins' dugout! We only had to dodge about 7 foul balls; not too shabby!

Daddy and I enjoying the game!

Our family pic at the game!

After mom and dad fed me all types of junk food, I really wanted to go...so during the 7th inning we left to go home...I was so tired and cranky!

Walking back to the Westin Hotel...I love sitting on Dad's shoulders!

We didn't have a bathtub in our hotel room, so I got to take a shower with Daddy! It was a lot of fun...but I could quite figure out where the water was all coming from!

I slept until 9am on Sunday morning...Mom and Dad were so impressed! So we decided to go swimming! Lucky for us when we got in the elevator, we found out that the Houston Astros Baseball team was also staying in our hotel, and we got to meet one of the players in the elevator! It was pretty exciting!

I had to get mommy out of bed so we could go swimming...she still looks tired!
We had such a great trip - Thanks mom and dad for taking me!

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