Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Mommy and I have been so busy lately...we've gone swimming twice at the waterpark in Casselton, gone to the playland in the mall, went for many walks, daddy's softball games, the zoo (again!) and much more! We've been having so much fun!

My froggy pool...Mommy bought this last year but I didn't like it then as much as I do now! I love to swim!

I'm giving Daddy some snacks at his first softball game...his team won! I bet it was because I was cheering really loud...I would yell "THROW" whenever I saw the big yellow softball! I would even chase after it...that didn't make the players too happy but mommy thought I was pretty cute!

This is my new life jacket for the lakes and all the pools we go to this summer...I love it so much I didn't want to take it off!

Mommy took my cousins Kendall, Sydney and I to the zoo (my 2nd time this year already!)...we had a great time! Even more animals and reptiles were out than last time!

Mommy and I by the bears...these were mom's favorite!

Mommy and I getting ready to swim at the waterpark in Casselton. I had just given her a sloppy kiss and she was making an ishy face! She's so silly!

UPSIDE DOWN! So silly Mommy!

Giving kisses to Mommy!

Daddy, Mommy and I at Family Movie Night...I fell asleep cuddling with Mom and Dad!
After I feel asleep at Family movie night, Mom and Dad had a "chubby bunny" contest. Mom could only fit 3 marshmellows in her mouth...but my Daddy could fit 9 WHOLE MARSHMELLOWS in his mouth at once!! What an amazing Daddy I have!

Since we've been doing so much lately, mommy took this funny video of me falling asleep on the way to head was bobbin' like crazy!

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