Friday, March 13, 2009

Swimming Lessons

For the past 6 weeks Mom, Dad and I have been going to parent/child swim lessons in Wahpeton...and I found out that I passed with flying colors! Yay! Mom and Dad were so proud of me. My teacher said that I was a very good boy who did not have a fear of the water at all but she thinks I need to keep practicing blowing bubbles and going under water. We sure had fun! I can't wait until next winter to do swim lessons again! Here are some pictures from our last class:

Front stroke!

Daddy trying to get me to blow bubbles...but I don't really get it yet.

I'm having so much fun I'm clapping my hands!

This is my instructor, Felisa, letting me play with a cool ball during swim freetime!

here is a video of dad and I swimming!

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