Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look what I can do now!

I am doing all sorts of things now...Mommy gets pretty tired chasing me around the house all day! I love making messes and hiding important items around the house so Mom and Dad can't find them anywhere...including Mommy's makeup and the TV remotes. Oh the joys that boys can bring!
I love to run to the fridge when Mommy opens it and pull out anything I can...This time I grabbed the BLUEBERRIES before Mom could catch me...and I made a really fun mess!
I love to watch Dad blow and shovel the snow after we have a blizzard!
Mommy cought me having fun with the new toys I got for my birthday!
One of my favorite toys from my birthday...a cardboard box!I was very jealous that mommy was playing in my birthday present! :)

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