Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lord of the Dance!

I have been dancing quite a bit lately...Mom and Dad think that it is pretty funny. Here is a video of my sweet moves...sometimes I'm dancing so hard that I fall over!

Mom & Dad had to put a gate up so I couldn't get into the back entry...but I am slowly learning how to crawl up and over the gate! I made it 25% up this time...then I got stuck! Funny how mom takes a picture before helping her little boy...:)

Mommy didn't catch me before I got into the food pantry...what a mess I made!
Grandma Kathy taught me how to smile REALLY I do that all the time now!
I love playing on Mommy's treadmill!
Mason's new car can drive through snow!
Grandma and Grandpa missed me so much that they had to come over and see me!
Daddy was giving me chocolate milk for the first time!
Crazy bath hair!

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