Monday, March 2, 2009

Party Time!

We had my Birthday party on Sunday at a hotel with an awesome was a great time! Lots of my grandmas, grandpas, cousins, aunts and uncles came...35 people all together! I am very thankful to have such a GREAT big family! Here are a ton of pictures from my fun day!
Birthday Boy Mommy, Daddy and I right before a lot of our party guests arrived!The big cake!
I was a very lucky and dad bought me TWO CAKES! This is a picture of all my cousins helping me blow out the candles.
I'm digging in! yum!Not too messy yet...but just you wait! Wow..I'm surprised that Mommy is letting me get THIS DIRTY!
Where did I learn to lick the plate?So Messy!
I love to give hugs to my cousins! This is me giving my cousin Sydney a huge hug!

Swim time! We love to swim!
Big Smiles! My cousins helping me open up my gifts..there are so many!
I got such great gifts!
My cousin Braya is helping me open my gifts.
My grandma Jan and Grandpa Rod gave me this buggy for my will be fun to drive around this summer outside!

These are videos of me eating my cake! I was a mess!

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