Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My week with Gma & Gpa

Mommy had to scan all of grandma's pictures..so sorry for the quality of the photos! My Mom needs a new scanner really bad! But here are my favorite pictures from my "vacation and Grandma & Grandpa Mauchs!" Most of them include my cousins...who could NOT WAIT to play with me!
I'm laughing at my cousin Braya...she's so funny!
My cousin Jaxon and I...we are buds!
Grandma let me paly in the dishwasher! Mommy never lets me do this!

Ha ha...I hid a toy in there and Grandma didn't notice until Monday evening...2 days after I already went home! :)
Mom and Dad called from mexico a couple times..I was pretty confused hearing their voice come out of the phone...this is "my phone"...after I heard mom and dad one day I would put this phone up to my hear to see of mom and dad were on the other end!
Me and Grandma Kathy...she is the best grandma (well...one of them anyway!)

She sure tuckers me out! I'm tired!
Jaxon pushing me around on one of my birthday presents!
I love all 10 1/2 of my cousins! They spoil me!
Big smiles!

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