Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow days!

Mommy, Daddy and I were stranded in Fargo at the Doublewood Inn during the big blizzard! Daddy had farm meetings there so Mommy and I went with so we could swim on Monday night...and we ended up staying until Wednesday! Mommy had a tough time trying to keep me busy in a hotel suite...but we walked the halls, played in cabinets, ate lots of unhealthy food from the hotel bar, and went swimming! Here are some pictures from our stay!

Swimming with Mommy!

These are pictures of me crawling where the microwave and fridge were in our hotel was my favorite to sneak in there when mom wasn't looking and hide from her!

We finally came home on Wednesday afternoon. Dad starting to blow snow right away...we couldn't even get in the house because the drifts were taller than my dad! We literally had to dig our way to the door!

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  1. Oh poor you! :) I was stuck in Mayville at my parents' house until Wednesday afternoon. I had to wait for Justin to use the payloader on our yard so I could get in with my car. I hope winter is soon over!! On another note, when should we set a play date? :)