Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My mommy and daddy went to Cabo, Mexico for 5 days...and boy did I miss them! I stayed with my Grandpa Randy & Grandma Kathy - and we had SO MUCH FUN! Mommy still has to get the pictures from my stay from Grandma, so she will post those as soon as she gets them. But here are MY favorite pictures of my mom and dad in Mexico! They said they had a good time, but it was too hard to be away from me...so they claimed they wouldn't go anywhere else until I was much older!

Mom and Dad left at 6:30am on St. Patrick's day..so they dressed up on the plane! Mommy's friends Lani & Jessie bought these cute accessories!

They hadn't gotten to burnt yet!

This is the famous Arch in Cabo San Lucas...it was so beautiful!
Daddy and the Arch!

Mom & Dad also went whale watching...they were 50 yards from this baby calf!
Mom said that everyday when they would lay on the beach they could sea whales swim by and jumping...what a view!
I think mom and dad missed me a little too much :)

the last nite in Mexico! they were excited to come home and see me!

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