Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Nick

On Saturday St. Nick came to our house and left me treats in my shoes that were sitting on the doorstep! St. Nick, Rupert and friends also came in to say hi to me, but I was very scared...I kept backing away and eventually ran into my room and hid in the corner! Mommy came to get me...but I was pretty scared around St. Nick...he had such a manly, deep voice! :)

*Note: St. Nick, a.k.a. Grandma Kathy, comes around on St. Nicholas Day to make sure all the grandkids are behaving - or they won't get any Christmas presents! She is joined by her friends Memory, Great Gma Dorris, and Janice. We LOVE it!

Rupert, Gma Dorris, Santa's helper, Janice; and St. Nick himself! (Gma Kathy!)

Here are the treats that were left in my shoes...

Mommy gave me a fudge-dipped Oreo - I was so excited so I shoved the WHOLE THING in my mouth! yummy!

Crazy-after-bath hair!

I got my towel wet, so mom ran into my room to get me another towel, and when she returned I had pulled towel #1 into the bath! It was a fun, heavy toy to play with!

Playing with my tractors!

My friends Logan and Grace came to visit one day...this is Logan giving me a HUGE hug before he had to go home! It looks like we are kissing!! yuck!

Mommy made us lasagna for supper, so Grace and I had to take off our white shirts so we wouldn't get them dirty. Then mommy read us all a couple of books!

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