Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Train!

Mommy's best friend Rachel came to stay with us this past was sooo good to see her! I hadn't seen her in a long time...but I warmed right up to her. On Wednesday, Mom, Dad and I went to Hankinson to see the Christmas Train! I loved hearing the "cho-cho" coming into town...although I was very scared of the fireworks!

I love shoes just like Mommy - Here I am trying on Rachel's tennis shoes!

Rachel and I cuddling on the couch together!

Showing Rachel all my tractors!

Daddy and I with Grace and her Daddy at the Hankinson Legion.

Logan and I waiting in line to see Santa!

Mommy and I waiting in line for Santa! I was a little scared of Santa, so Mom and Dad didn't get a picture! Maybe I will get one when I go to the Santa's Village tomorrow night!

Daddy and I waiting outside for the was soooo cold out! Shortly after this picture we ran into the car and sat there until the train came!

We are all bundled up!

Waiting for the train in the car...I loved flashing our lights, turning on the blinkers and hazards and honking the horn at everyone!

The Train is here! It was so pretty!

Look at all the fireworks! I was soo scared!

Yep, a picture of me being scared!

Finally, Santa's train opened up and Santa's band started rapping and playing christmas was so fun!

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