Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

We have a ton of pictures from Christmas Day with the Mauchs!!

Playing on Grandma's bed with "Car-er" (Carter!) He's my favorite!

I think I'm too big for this thing....

How many Mauch's can you fit in a box?

Ben & Beth gave me my very own vacuum! Now I can vacuum with Mommy every-other day!

Picture with Mommy

Cool! Santa gave me my very own tools!

Thank you for my tools Santa *kiss*

Woops - scared of Santa again!

Praying with Santa...Mom loves this picture!

During the nativity play...trying to get the audience to laugh.

ha ha, I'm so funny.

I'm kinda having role issues...I was supposed to be a cow, but I didn't want to wear my then I wanted to be baby jesus, but Brody was baby jesus this year, so I just ran around, doing whatever I wanted to do.

The manger is open - now's my chance to be Baby Jesus!

Yes! Score! I'm baby Jesus! I didn't know baby Jesus wore a RUN DMC shirt!

Eating Grandma Kathy's lovely yummy! I'm glad it wasn't the 'green surprise' like it was before! :)

the beautiful christmas table...all 21 of us fit!

Christmas morning...I loved Mom's new bench!

Mommy showing off her new shirt while wearing her new coat...silly mommy.

Opening up my stocking...Santa knew exactly what I wanted!!

More presents!

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