Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We were supposed to go to my Great-Grandma Violet's house near Hatton for Christmas Eve, but we had to stay in Mooreton because of the stormy weather! Lucky for us the big Mauch family was getting together - so we attended those festivities! Here are some pictures from our lovely Christmas Eve!

The night before Christmas Eve, Mom, Dad and I had family movie night and watched "home alone" I was doing the "home alone move" all night long! I just loved it! Mom and Dad thought I was so funny!
Finally at the big Mauch Christmas...playing with my 2nd cousin Rowan who lives in Clovis, New Mexico!

pretty skiddish around Santa...maybe I'll warm up to him! I've only seen him about 3 times so far this year!

Warming up a little...2nd cousin Lily sure does have "a gift!!" :)

Opening presents from Santa!

Chillin' with Grandma Dorris!

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