Friday, August 28, 2009

Mason the Menace

I am offically 18 months old! I had my 1/2 Birthday on Wednesday of this week - we had lots of fun. So I'm 1 1/2 and getting into more and more trouble everyday! My new favorite thing is to get into mommy's lap top computer and try to rip all of the keys out - NOT GOOD. Mom and dad had to spend hours trying to put them back in! Mommy now calls me "Mason the Menace"!!

I got into Daddy's lunch cupboard and found some Pringles...I contintued to dump them all over the living room floor and crunch them with my huge feet! And I did all of this while Mommy was putting laundry away!

I also like to pray all the time now - we pray at least 5 times during breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I like to put the blanket over my head and mommy always says that I'm her "little sheppard"!

I LOVE to give mommy kisses!

Having fun with Mommy!

My ladyfriend Grace Anderson and I got together one day - our Mommy's went for a long bike ride and we got to sit in Grace's bike trailer! I LOVED IT! We were going so fast! This picture was taken right after I gave Grace a HUGE KISS - but shhhhhhh...don't tell her Daddy!

I also have an obsession with my baby wipes right now...Mommy has to put them on top of the changing table so I can't get at them in the drawers...but this day Mommy heard something and walked into my room...and I had CLIMBED up onto my changing table! She has no idea how I did...and I'm not going to tell her either!

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