Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting into EVERYTHING!!!!

Mommy says that I have been a major "stinker butt" lately...I am getting into everything! But other than making messes, we have been keeping pretty busy...lots of running around!

Mom left me alone for 8 minutes..and I found DIRT. Mom cleaned up all the dirt on the TV, behind the TV and in the blankets/pillows before she realized that she hadn't taken a picture here is some of the mess that I made!

Chillin' with Uncle Matt

I LOVE Mommy's treadmill - Dad helps me run on it everyday! He thinks it wears me out!

Great-Grandma Dorris drove her golf cart all the way to my grandma and grandpa's house for "Grandma Day". She gave 9 of us a ride on her golf cart! so fun!

Daddy's eating my fist! ahhh!

Daddy and I with Ben and Brody a.k.a. The Brodster!

Walking to get some root beer floats! yum!

Here we are on a hay ride at Kindred Days...
Braya, Brooklyn, Ben, Daddy and I!

Yep..I love getting into EVERYTHING...everyday I try to get into mommy's purse. Today I was successful...I even stole her credit card and a $20!

Dad showed me a cool way to eat pudding so you don't have to load the dishwasher...Mommy thinks this is the silliest thing she has ever seen!

Daddy and I on the treadmill!

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