Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun with Mom & Dad!

Mom was gone almost the whole weekend with her friends, but on Sunday we had a family day! We went to the park in Fargo where Daddy proposed to Mommy about three years ago...it was a lot of fun! On Monday mommy and I went near Kindred where Daddy was working and brought him lunch - we also rode with him in the tractor for a while! I like the tractor more and more - especially since I get to see my Daddy!!!

I get to sit in the buddy seat right next to Daddy now - Mommy has to sit on the FLOOR of the tractor!

Loving bailing!

I loved rolling around in the grass at the park!

Mommy and Daddy taking a picture on the exact spot that Daddy propsed to Mommy!

Running while Mommy and Daddy reminisce about their engagement story!

The dam in the park - I wanted to get out of the stroller and jump right in!

After the park we went to get ice cream! I have it EVERYWHERE! If you look closely, you can see it on my hands, face, shorts, seat belt, legs and even the car seat! gross!

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