Friday, August 21, 2009

Grandma Day Finale

On Grandpa Randy's 59th Birthday - we had our Grandma Day Finale! My grandma Kathy was so awesome - she made a huge waterpark and carnival for us at her house! There was the pool with a slide, a ton of water relays/games, and some fun water toys to play with! On Tuesday I also got my 2nd professional hair cut - I was a little scared at first...but after I grapped a couple combs from the hair dresser (and she put Elmo on TV!) I warmed right up!

Just watching Elmo's World while waiting to get my hair cut!

I'm already looking pretty awesome!

Almost done!

Grandma Kathy had signs by each of the activities at the carnival - this was by "my" pool!
(It says "Masonator Pool")

Here is a picture of half of the Carnival - but the photo's just do not do it justice!

Hanging out on the slip-n-slide - I really enjoyed playing on this!

My cousins helping me down the slide in the pool!

Grandma's GENIUS water toys...

Grandpa Randy finally showed up! I todl him that he shouldn't be working on his 59th Birthday! I love him so much!

Once it started to rain out we went inside and I watched a movie with Brooklyn and Braya.

Mom caught me snuggling with Bray Bray!

My new thing is crawling in all of my toy bins...and sometimes I get stuck and mommy has to help me get out!

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  1. Did you take him to Whippersnippers? I loved that place and took Elanor there every time she needed a cut. Luckily there's a place just like it down here. Cute boy!