Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Monster...Big Trouble

I have two really funny stories to tell.

First, Mom was doing laundry one day and I was playing. Since I knew she was in the laundry room, I decided to climb up all of the drawers in the kitchen (they were childproofed, but I still figured out how to climb up them) and I got into the very top drawer. There I found a set of knives in a box from when my mom and dad got married - Mom didn't even know they were in there because they were wwwaaaayyy in the back behind the silverware organizer. Mom came to check on me because she couldn't hear me and when you can't hear me, that means I'm getting into trouble. She walked into the kitchen, and there I was, sitting on the floor play with KNIVES. Her heart dropped, and she tried to grab my wrists so I couldn't hurt myself with the knives. I then turned to run away, and I CUT HER in the finger! Dad had to come home because Mommy couldn't get the bleeding to stop...but finally after about 40 minutes the bleeding stopped. Mom couldn't believe how scary the situation could have been - but I didn't care, I'm a tough guy.

Then, that same day, when my mommy wasn't looking, I walked into the dining room and pulled down the runner she has on the kitchen table. She should have known better than to put a beautiful vase full of flowers on the table, along with her lap top computer. When I pulled on the runner, the lap top came tumbling down - and so did the vase full of beautiful flowers (from daddy!) The vase shattered all over mom's computer and the floor. Good thing mom was turning the corner right when it happend so she could grab me before I walked on the glass. Mom said that she didn't know I could be so naughty...and I'm not even 18 months!!

Relaxing with Daddy after being a naughty boy that day!

Last week it was so hot, so we went to the lake with Mom's friend Ashley and my lady friend, Grace. Grace's older brother, Logan, came too! Here Grace and I are riding on her water toy...She loved it but I was REALLY scared and wanted to get off right away!

Ashley helped me not be so scared anymore!

This was the day before the "pulling down of the runner" incident - look at mom's beautiful flowers! (behind the laundry basket!)

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