Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Redhawks game

On Sunday we got to go to the Redhawks game in Fargo. My Daddy's (& Grandpa's & Uncle's) insurance company paid for the Mauch family to have a box/suite at the game - it was unbelievable! We had our own air conditioned room to sit in - and a bunch of seats right outside! We ordered ANY kind of food we wanted...some of my crazy cousins even ordered one of everything! My cousin Kya even took 3 ice cream bars for dessert!

Jazzy and I having a conversation about how awesome the suite was!

Instead of watching the game, I RAN RAN RAN...that is all I do!

Here I am watching the game in our box of seats with the boys...This is the life!

Mom! Look at me! This is so cool!

Hawkeye even came up to our Suite to meet my cousins and myself...I really didn't know what to think of him at first...

I don't know about this...

BAM! Take that Hawkeye, I punched you!
Mom said that wasn't very nice, so I said I was sorry and gave him a high five!

Trying to pose for a picture with Hawkeye and his ladyfriend, Scarlet.

My favorite spot to get away from my cousins!

My Family at the game.

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