Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Pictures!

Here are some pictures of me the last week or so...I am getting to be such a big boy!
When Mommy wasn't looking...I found the kleenex box! So fun!

The broom a.k.a. my javalin - I hope to throw the Javalin for NDSU someday just like my Dad! I have the throwing position down already!

We got to babysit Baby Brody Thursday night...He was such a good boy! I was very jealous of his carseat and the fact that he was in MY pack-n-play!

Since Brody's Daddy loves the Yankees, Brody and my Daddy got to watch the Twins game together. My daddy wanted to make sure that my mommy got a picture of Brody watching the Twins game.

See...I am very jealous of my cousin Brody sleeping in MY pack-n-play!

I love the mow the lawn! So fun! This mower was a gift from my auntie Rachel - she is the BEST!

Mowing the concrete driveway is waaaaaayyy more fun than the grass. I could do this for hours!

Mommy gave me the rest of my milk after supper...and this is what I decided to do about it. Mom says this happens on a daily basis...she should know that I do it just to get attention!

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