Thursday, February 5, 2009


Mason is just over 11 months old now...and he is so fun! He sleeps about 10-12 hours per night (without waking up!) and usually naps around 2-4 hours a day. He loves to take things out of the kitchen drawers and hide it in places all over the house, play in his hamper and hide his dirty clothes in corners of the house, and loves to chew on everything! His most favorite item of choice right now is the just amazes him. When he sees the bathroom door open, he runs as fast as he can to the bathroom to try to play with the toilet!
I have been sleeping so good lately and smiling all the time...Mommy said that she can't believe how fun I've been lately!

I love to smile...especially when I see food coming my way!

I also LOVE naked time...I like to run all over the house naked!

Whenever Daddy comes home, I run as fast as I can to the door so I can see him! Mommy and I always race to see who can give Daddy a kiss first!

When Daddy gets home from work and takes a shower, I wait outside of his bathroom for him to get done.

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