Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I love lollipops!

I love lollipops! After my bath last night, Mom & Dad were letting me play a little before bedtime. Well, while they weren't watching, I snuck into the kitchen pantry and found a RED SUCKER. I somehow unwrapped it quietly, and walked right over to mom and dad while licking my awesome sucker. Their mouths dropped in amazement, then they realized how cute I was with my lollipop and how much fun I was having with it, so they let me have it for a little bit. That was a suprise because my mommy NEVER lets me have candy!
This was right when I walked into the living room from the kitchen with my sucker. Mommy picked her jaw off the floor and quickly grabbed the camera to get a shot of me!
um.......so good!

Dad let me sit on my lap so it was "safe" to eat my sucker!

It was so funny...I woud lick the lollipop and then giggle, then mom and dad would laugh, then I would give dad a lick, then I would giggle again! We did this for about 5 minutes!

This is a video of me sharing my sucker with my daddy. Oh what fun we had!

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