Monday, February 23, 2009

Giggles and Grins!

Mom and Dad think that I am pretty funny lately because whenever they want to take my picture I do a funny smile!

Another big smile for the camera!

This is me with Daddy at our Priest's basketball game last Friday evening. The Priest's played the Seminarians...It was a great game!

However, whenever the crowd would cheer really loud, it would scare me quite a bit!

After my mom and my grandma Jan painted the living room, I helped my dad put everything back together! Notice our matching hammers!

My mom's friend Nicole likes to stay with us once a week, and this time we played together LOTS. She even let me play with that thing that she listens to hearts with! fun!

My mommy's best friend Rachel also came to visit me, and boy did we have SO MUCH FUN! She even brought me an awesome birthday present! I wish we could see her more often!

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