Monday, February 2, 2009

My 1st Superbowl!

My dad and I wore our Miami Dolphins Jerseys for Superbowl. They didn't play in the superbowl, but they should have. We thought we would support them anyway!
But we cheered really hard for the Cardinals, my uncle Matt's favorite team!

Daddy loves to toss me up in the air...Mommy calls it the "give mommy a heart attack" game.

Thank heavens for a safe landing!

Mommy with her college friend, Brittany - and her baby, Piper! Piper and I played together for a little bit..I shared my toys with her...which made mommy really happy!

Daddy with his friend Timmy and his daughter, Piper.

All the boys with Piper...What a fun superbowl crowd!

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